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2014 - A New Year, A New Look For Milaap!

In a few days, we will hit the year, 2014 and it’s going to be a New Year! For most of us, it’s going to be about new beginnings, new ideas and some new plans that we want to implement in the coming year. For Milaap, before we hit 2014, we have come up with a revamped website!  Yes, a website that has come a long way in terms of looks and functionality compared to our first website, three years back We’ve heard from you about some amazing features that you would like on Milaap, your feedback  has been duly noted, your requests on improving our UI/UX have been taken in and with all due consideration, we present to you the changes on Milaap that you should look out for:1) Gift Cards Can Now Be Redeemed on Pre-Payment Page!Previously, folks who received a Milaap gift card from their loved ones, had to visit milaap.org/redeem and then use their gift code to help a borrower. Now our tech team has made it even easier than before, as you can now enter the gift code on the pre-payment page itself. Simple, isn’t it?2) A smooth interface and a great look!If you’ve been around with us since inception, we would like you to recollect our first look. This is how our website looked almost 3 years back:And this is the look today: (Theme: Christmas) 

3. We've tried a hand with some sketches too!

For our new folks joining the community, it is essential to show them what we do. We couldn’t think of a better way than some cool sketches.  Click here to see all of them.4. Better filters to help you find exactly what you want!Want to make a loan to a specific group of people - women, people from a particular state, or for a particular cause? Well, we've customized our search filters further, and you can do all of these things now! Even better? The URL for each filter is really short and easily sharable.Simply visit, www.milaap.org/fund and you would see the filter on the left side of the page. Filters On Milaap 5. You can upload your picture on Milaap now!Yes,  finally we are out with our picture upload functionality. We've had so many request coming in from our community regarding this feature. So here we present to you on how you can upload your picture on your Milaap account.Once you Login, you are directed to your Milaap account which shares the details of the loans made.  At the top right corner, you will notice 'My account' and when you hover over it, you choose 'Edit profile'.  Now scroll a little down and this is what you would see -Photo Uploader On Milaap Click ' Choose File ', upload a picture from your system and within a few seconds your picture is uploaded on Milaap!This is just the beginning and we assure you, we would soon announce some more cool features and better user experience to help you make our borrowers smile! :)Our technical team has been working day and night to improve the user experience and we think they deserve a round of applause!  If you have some ideas to share with us or a feedback about our new website, you can write to us at : feedback@milaap.org