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'Super Woman' Is Passe' - 10 Ways To Be a SHEro | Milaap Blog

‘Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world’ - Hillary Clinton

10 ways to be a SHero:  I’m an absolute sap for this sort of stuff – inspired women, enlightened debate, collective problem solving for invisible but pertinent gender issues, talks that give you goose-pimples and a room resounding with affected applause!Well, I was in sheer luck. Anoj, Co-founder of Milaap, was invited to speak at a panel on Entrepreneurship at the SHeroes Summit India 2013. As a dutiful manager of Brand Partnerships at Milaap, I ‘tagged’ along (to ‘optimise’ the outcome, of course).Geek jokes aside, the Summit was everything it was cracked up to be, and much more actually. If you’re a girl/ woman (whatever you’d prefer to call yourself), imagine a whole day of serious, grown up girl talk. No, seriously! The discussion ranged from creating inclusivity at the work place, professional planning for maternity leave, knowing what you truly want in life to chuckle-worthy comments about how more women are lost to family and marriage than famine and war!True to corporate ethic, I find it compelling to consolidate my key takeaways! Here goes –1. Don’t be a perfectionist: Sometimes getting things done is as or more important than fretting over that one tiny crumb of bread that’s lounging on your chin. In the words of Mukund Mohan, eminent angel investor and Director, Microsoft Ventures, Asia – ‘Investors want speed and growth from start-ups, not perfection’. Women don’t do too well on this count. So fellow ladies, next time you catch a bed-sheet wrinkle glaring at you to fix – resist the temptation!22. BFFs don’t make a network: Professional acquaintances probably seem shallow for us women folk and we'd rather have a few 4 am friends than an assortment of movie buddies, beer buddies, golf buddies and nobodies (see what I did there?). Women seek deep friendships in lieu of a network’ – Sairee Chahal, Founder, Fleximoms. This isn’t helpful when you want to branch out and access everyone you know to find that perfect job or advocate that ultra-important deal.3. Be sure of you: Enough has been said on the subject but this point is too important to ignore on a list like this. If you’re a woman entrepreneur - do enough research and questioning – but once you step out that door with your plan, own it! And don’t let anyone’s advice sway you too easily. It should take more than just some ‘gyaan’ to throw you off course. Anoj Viswanathan, Co-founder of Milaap, recounts a story of how they received funding from one of their first investors. His advice - be sure of your decision and stay committed no matter what others say.34. Find your mojo: Fortunately, we’re all not the same. Don’t evaluate yourself on the same yardstick that others apply to themselves. ‘Find your uniqueness and reasons for being the way you are’ - Rubia Braun, Co-founder and Chief Innovations Officer, Metro Brava declared emphatically. Be guided by your own light and not someone else’s shadow.5. Invest in your worth: Many women grudge the system which either isn’t inclusive enough, or supportive enough or sensitive enough. While external opportunity cannot be denied it’s place in your life story, don’t stop investing in yourself. Rituparna Chakraborty, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd made a strong point. Even if you’re getting married or pregnant or on a break, don’t stop learning. Catching up is hard and harder so when you’ve been away from your game!6. Passion fruit: ‘Do it with passion or don’t do it at all’, said Poornima Shenoy, Founder and CEO of Latitude Edutech. Enough said.57. Heroine > Victim: ‘Don’t be the victim but be the heroine of your life story’ – Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City 91.1 FM and author of the bestseller ‘Lady, you’re not a man – Adventures of a working woman’. Suffering isn’t glamorous anymore and if you need to let go of a few things to retain your sanity and cool, then do! In her words, ‘outsource, delegate, prioritise and ask for help’.8. Plan, prepare and participate: Women go through the first few years of their career ignoring the fact that at some point they may want to take a break to raise a family. However, Rakesh Shukla, Founder and CEO at The Writers Block advises that women must prepare, plan and anticipate ‘the break’. Don’t let the shock of it knock you out cold. An interesting morsel of objective wisdom!9. Be spunky: According to the panellists, women make better professionals so it’s rather unfortunate if they don’t last long through the corporate ladder. Women are good storytellers, are reliable, empathetic, committed and generally have high doses of EQ & common sense. More than anything, women, keep your spunk alive! We have a lot to celebrate.610. Make an impact: Milaap Co-founders Anoj and Sourabh got emotionally carried away and decided to give all power women a chance to experience social change, at no cost! Visit www.milaap.org/redeem (Gift Code: SHEROES), choose a borrower, lend your free credits worth Rs. 500 and receive updates on how you've changed a life.‘Super woman’ is passé. World, make way for ‘SHeroes’ -  Riya Chhabra, Senior Manager, Marketing & Partnerships, Milaap