Milaap is an easy and unique way to fight
poverty in India.

Join with a recurring loan and automatically support a borrower every month.
Impact without charity - Milaap makes it happen.


100% of your loan goes to the beneficiaries.

Loan a little. Change a lot.

We enable you to make online loans (not donations) to those in need. Your loan helps them improve their lives, start and grow a business, send their children to school - and much more.

Once their situation improves, they start repaying and you earn your loan back!

Monthly email updates

Every month, you receive an email introducing you to the borrower supported. Our fellows on the ground will also send an update, once progress is made. Apart from updates, you'll also receive monthly repayments.

Credible Causes

Our causes include children's education and skill training for youth, access to clean water, solar lighting, safe sanitation and supporting micro and small businesses. 100% of your money goes towards the borrowers.

Automatic monthly loans

Set up a subscription to make monthly (recurring) loans automatically. Your card will be charged once every month and the loan will be allocated to a borrower. It's easy to edit/cancel at any time. It's doing good on autopilot.