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Give a small portion of your Zakat towards a patient in need of help

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Save a Life

A small contribution from you can help with cardiac treatments of 150 people

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The story of Hamdulay Heart Foundation

Let your Zakat help the needy get medical attention

Ramadan is the time for the devout to purify their hearts and minds with prayers and fasting. This month, let us be more generous and share the grace of the merciful God with truly deserving people.

The Hamdulay Heart Foundation's Zakat fund was set up to help the needy get treatment for heart disease. This year, for Ramadan the foundation hopes to enable 25 bypass surgeries, 25 angioplasties, and 100 angiographies for patients who are Mustaheeq-e-Zakat at no cost.

We have started a crowdfunding initiative so our Zakat and Sadaqa can be pooled together to make a bigger impact on the lives of the less fortunate.

Let us come together, do the righteous thing and help the community this Ramadan

About Hamdulay Heart Foundation: Dr. Hamdulay started the foundation in the memory of his late mother who was a firm believer in the importance of Zakat. Through the foundation, Dr. Hamdulay and his team have helped 356 patients have bypass surgeries, angioplasties and angiographies. They have also given cardiac check-ups to 1000 people. This year, they want to reach many more people and give them timely, life-saving treatment.