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Yogivah Giri ji is in an enlightened state of Siddha-bhakti Samadhi. This is the final enlightened state of Bhakti Yoga where the heart of the devotee is now completely pure, and the evidence of this is, his Guru's grace with the blessings of spiritual enlightenment. Yogivah Giri now personally gives Kriya diksha to sincere truth seekers with the blessings of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Shri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Yogivah ji lives in US and India. He lives a solitary life in US. His devotees are Indians and westerners both. Some of his Indian devotees has established his home in Dehradun, India. Where he visits and gives satsangs and Kriya diksha to some sincere seekers in most simple and personalized setting. Yogivah ji is living his life in a frugal way. His some sincere devotees take care of his needs through their monthly donations. Yogivah ji is true Mahatma, whose life is fully dedicated towards the service to sincere spiritual seekers. There is no organization, publications and any other means of resources for his financial backing except some donations from some devotees. He is, in fact, a great Mahatma under the garb of very simple common man.

He Is Fighting Cancer For The Second Time

Unfortunately, last year Yogivah ji was diagnosed with bladder cancer and got operated with the support of his devotees in Delhi in July-2015. Few days back in his usual check-ups a tumor again found in his bladder, which now needs urgent surgery and further investigations. Due to lack of funds we are seeking help for his immediate treatment. Expenses include his pre-hospitalization tests and check-ups, hospitalization cost after surgery follow ups and regular maintenance cost till he will be declared medically cancer free. I wish those with good intention will definitely come forward for this fundraising and save his life.

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27th March 2017
Dear donors,
Currently Yogivah Ji is in US. His cancer treatment is going on. On 17th March he had  another cystoscopy. Result was good as no cancer traces found. On 24th March he had first dose of three weekly doses of BCG. Next dose is on next Friday. After 3rd dose another cystoscopy will be done on him to check the status of cancer.
Besides these treatments he needs various precaussions. His cancer is very fast growing, 80% chances of recurrence. Gurudev has to follow 3 more years of BCG treatment and life long cystoscopy. In spite of all such painful sufferings he is most of the time spending time with his devotees giving satsangs and Kriya initiation.
Finances are still a great hurdle. We need to have constant flow of money to save his life.
Cancer treatment is a long process so money flows too should be continuous.
We still need  your support.
Kindly donate.
Thank you.

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