Parents Are Struggling To Save Their Third Child From The Same Disease

3-year-old Yazhvendhan has been fighting a terrible intestinal disease for the past one year. The disease causes constant diarrhoea in his body. He is unable to walk or even sit. His parents Vel Murugan and Lakshmi are desperate to save their only remaining child. But the years' of treatment has exhausted all their resources.
They have lost two children to the same disease

Vel Murugan and Lakshmi have been fighting a parents' worst nightmare for over 6 years. They have lost two precious children to a disease that is now claiming their third child too. Ezhil, their first son, passed away when he was just 11-months-old. Their daughter Rithika - who was their only comfort after Ezhil's death also succumbed to the same illness when she was a year old. Lakhsmi and Vel Murugan were relieved when Yazhvendhan turned one and continued to be be healthy and active. Just as they were slowly coming out of their fear and anxiety for his health, he developed the same familiar, dreadful symptoms.

Yazhvendhan was diagnosed a terrible disease when he turned two

Lakshmi recollects how Yazhvendhan's second birthday event was when their life changed forever. They were excited about his second birthday and on that same day, he developed severe diarrhoea. Like his brother and sister, he too started being hospitalised and taking countless injections. Now, he can't retain anything he eats. His body is dangerously low on life-sustaining proteins. His hands and legs are swollen and he has stomach pain.
Yazhvendhan can have an intestine transplant only after a year after the nutritional rehabilitation

“It took years for us to understand the disease and find the right treatment for it. I feel guilty for losing two precious lives. I can’t bear to lose another child. I have only seen death and trauma and I'm longing to live with my child now. I want to see him grow, is that too much to ask?” says a distraught Lakshmi.

He needs a year of nutritional rehabilitation followed by intestine transplant

Yazhvendhan's condition deteriorated and he lost his ability to walk or sit and even needs breathing support now. He has been in the ICU for the last one month. He needs an intestine transplant but only after one year of successful nutritional rehabilitation. Until then, he has to get nutritional treatment at the hospital. Despite their uncertainty and the mounting expenses, his parents are determined to save him and help him to live a normal life.

Yazhvendan's parents are desperate to save him, they can't bear to lose a child again

“I sold everything I had and borrowed money for my children, but still I lost them. I do not regret the expenses, it is my responsibility. Even now, I’m willing to do anything to save my only remaining child. I hope this time fate won’t be so cruel to us. I can’t imagine living without him, we have nothing to hold on but to our hopes,” says Vel Murugan.

He has no source of income and barely left with anything

Vel Murugan and Lakshmi are from a village in Villupuram district and they are in Chennai for treatment. Vel Murugan has left his job to care for his son. They have done everything that they could think of. They have no other choice but to rely on strangers' help to save their son.

Yazhvendhan's father has no source of income and have exhausted all his savings

How you can help
Vel Murugan worked as a teacher, but he has left his job to care for his son and has no source of income. He has exhausted his savings and there is nothing left. It would be terrible to lose their son, they are struggling to save his life. He has already spent nearly 10 lakhs. He needs another Rs 50 lakhs for treatment which is unimaginable and beyond their means. Only your contributions can save Yazhvendhan.

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Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
Ask for an update
9th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Yazhvendhan. He is doing better now compared to earlier but has been advised to undertake nutrients via TPN. This will be done until his body is able to absorb the nutrients naturally.

His weight is on an Increasing trend and the doctors are waiting for his health to stabilise further before they may proceed further with the next phase of the treatment.

Thank you for your wonderful support. Do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted.


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