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Support these women who won't give up in the face of drought



When Indravva Mang from Khanadal, began seeing a drop in output, despite investing heavily on seeds and fertilizers, she had no other option but to stop cultivation. A former devadasi and a mother of three, Indravva owns a small agricultural plot of one acre. She used to grow maize on the plot and was completely rain-dependent for land irrigation. The back-to-back drought situation in Karnataka had a devastating impact on her livelihood. Currently, it is difficult for her to get enough water to drink, let alone for agriculture. Malavva Mang’s story is no different. The drought has caused a 30% drop in her daily wages. Indravva and Malavva are two among the thousands of farmers sailing in the same boat – no yield, no income.

2016 - the year when everything went wrong for the Rural Karnataka farmers

Karnataka, one of the largest arid regions in India, is parched by the worst drought in nearly four decades. Having witnessed a disastrous winter harvest this year, the south Indian state has lost rabi crop in more than 70% of the sown area.

This has been sharpening the rural distress, pushing many farmers into a condition of grave indebtedness. Worse of all – it is leading them to take extreme steps. According to the state’s farm ministry, over a thousand farmers have killed themselves in Karnataka in the last year – the highest in a decade. However, Indravva and Malavva even in the face of the agrarian crisis are not ready to give up their hopes yet. Indravva got trained in tailoring, bought a machine, and started her own business instead of being dependent on the agricultural land. Malavva, on the other hand, started her own flour and masala making business.

Rural Karnataka is filled with determined and resilient women farmers. They are focused on making the best of limited opportunities and the resources available to them.

How you can help

With constant support from MASS, these women farmers are striving to be self-sufficient through their small businesses. You can also support this cause. You can empower them and sustain their livelihoods through alternative sources of income. Any loan made by you will be matched by Tarsadia Foundation, thereby doubling the impact.

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