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Help Train Rural Women to Earn Livelihood by Farming Kombucha

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Our VISION: To Make Organic Kombucha Health Drink AVAILABLE at AFFORDABLE prices to rural villagers, in rural village shops in Tiruvannamalai.

Presently in Tiruvannamalai, there is no public availability of organic health drinks in local village shops. Instead, harmful to health, synthetic sodas, ladden with toxic chemicals, are being sold to local villagers as the ONLY choice. In Tiruvannamalai, there is one overpriced health food shop that imports overpriced  bottled Kombucha from out of town producer. At the price of 60 Rs per bottle, it is not affordable to ordinary rural families, and only affluent western tourists can afford to buy it.

Our MISSION: Enable Non-Working (Disadvantaged), Rural Women without any job skills to EARN Their Own Livelihood.

Presently in villages surrounding Tiruvannamalai, many rural families live below poverty line, (under undue economic hardship) -- their women not working because they do not have any job skills other than cleaning skills.

Our GOAL: To Offer Free LIVELIHOOD TRAINING in Kombucha Farming for Unskilled(Disadvantaged) rural women in Tiruvannamalai.

Your charitable donations will help us put together and provide a free KOMBUCHA TRAINING KIT(Price: 1000Rs) to each rural woman trainee. They will be trained how to produce, bottle and deliver packaged organic Kombucha health drink to local village shops and by doing so -- start earning their own livelihood while also learning about healthy dietary choices, creating a supply of AFFORDABLE organic health food for local villagers.

Help a non-working, rural woman to become a Kombucha Farmer! With the help of your charitable donations, she will receive a FREE Kombucha Farmer Training Kit (Price: 1000 Rs), with all the supplies and equipment necessary to make one 10-bottle batch of Kombucha Health Drink:                      
1) Kombucha Farming Supplies: sealed Kombucha Scoby with strong starter liquid,                          
2) 500Grams of Organic Sugar,                        
3)500 Grams of Green Tea Blend,                          
4) Bottling Supplies: Strainer, Funnel, Jar Lid, bottling container

KOMBUCHA PLASTIC BOTTLE RECYCLING:Every bottle of Kombucha will come with printed recycling instructions. Trainees will collect and "locally recycle" empty Kombucha bottles into eco-friendly "planters", useful for terrace gardening.

What is Kombucha:
Kombucha is a living, probiotic, fizzy health drink  made out of fermented black or green tea, sugar and Kombucha Scoby - symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Kombucha is popular in western countries as a healthy, natural alternative to "junk food sodas"(or synthetic, carbonated drinks, such as pepsi).Kombucha promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut and is low-glycemic. Training someone how to farm Kombucha at home is relatively easy to learn.
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