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I am starting this fundraiser to help bring clean water to millions of people of Tamil Nadu



Murugayee is a 54-year old woman from Musiri, Tamil Nadu. Narrating her daily experience in fetching water, she says recalls how despite queuing up for one hour at the public tap, she's had to return home empty-handed many times. The last straw was when a nasty fight broke out in the queue once and she was left with a broken nose. Deciding to get a permanent solution to this, she sought a loan from Guardian, our field partner. With Rs 7000, she was able to get a piped connection at home. Today, she is a lot happier that she has access to water right from the convenience of her home.
Murugayee's story is not the exception, it is more the norm in many villages in Tamil Nadu, in South India. Women walk to the community water taps to fetch water for their daily water needs. Besides, women can only bring home as much water as they can carry, and those at the back of the long queues do not always have the chance to fill their urns. To solve this problem, our field partner GUARDIAN provides loans for women to build water connections into their homes. These piped connections add precious hours to a woman's day and ensure that families have enough water to meet their daily needs.
We spend $5 for colas and $10 at a minimum at movie halls. Imagine how many lives we can impact with a contribution of $5! There is no point in talking, tweeting, posting of how we want things to change in India, when we are not ready to be part of the change process. Let us stop being an outsider and actively take part in the change process in whatsoever way we can. This is just a small step towards it. I urge all of you to contribute towards this cause and help bring about a positive change to millions in need. THANK YOU!
- Vish Santhakumar
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