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Help Rabiun get Roof above her Head
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Being a part of the Organisation (rangamaati) dedicated towards revival of Bengal's Handicrafts & Handloom we are always in search of Artisans whom we could include under our Sustainable Development Program .We have met Rabiun Bibi, a 49 years old lady who became a widow at age of 22 years,at a Workshop which we organized to train Young Kantha stitch artisans at Shantiniketan. Ever since she been doing drawing and stitching from time to time for our organization.

May 26th 2021 we got a call from her saying her house has collapsed as the powerful and deadly tropical Super Cyclone Yash hit West Bengal causing widespread damage worth over US$13 billion,  and that she has taken Shelter nearby neighbors house.

We decided to pay her a visit to assess the damage and if we could be of any help.
The puddles here and there kept our shoes wet as I along with Sanjay walked down the zig-zag path that led to the hut of Rabiun Bibi.

She does kantha stitching and drawing for Kantha stitching. She was sitting outside her only Mud house that was damaged , dampened by the continuous rain. Heavy monsoon shower unleashed by severe depression has caused havoc damages in parts of Bengal .

 Talking to us She remembers the Nightmare  ",as it Continued raining heavily during the night, and as the mud house started creaking & cracking I along with My son got out of our rooms and took Refuge at the nearby neighbors brick mortar house, as at distance we watched backside of our house collapsed,I always feared the House crumbling on us, killing us" . Considering the recent incident of two members of a family in her village being buried alive and three children receiving injuries when their mud house collapsed in heavy rains her fear cant be overlooked.How Your Contribution Will Help Her:
With your help, Rabiun Bibi will be able to rebuild her one-roomed house which has collapsed from heavy torrential rain. The Roof needs be rebuilt as continuous water dripping from the damaged Roof has completely destroyed the floor. The adjacent floor if cemented would allow her to sit outside and carry the intricate stitching artwork in proper light without further damaging her eyesight. Additional funds would help her buy threads , fabrics and needles, tracing papers to carry on her artwork and earn with respectfully.

Her artwork is much appreciated and she would be able to sell her creations to the art crafts-based weekends Market which is close to her Village and has been closed following the worsened Covid 19 situation generally it is thronged with Tourists being close to Shantiniketan , a favorite weekend getaway tourist spot.She has been working hard to provide for her family and to bear the education expenses for her Son , Rabiun dreams her Son to be successful and out of poverty, hunger and someday and treat people of the Villages who cannot afford medical expenses,her Husband expired due to post-operation negligence of the Government Hospital doctors & Staff.

Your support and contribution would help Rabiun not only to Rebuilt and Repair her house and stay safe but also continue having a fixed source of Income through her Kantha Stitch Artwork that is required to take care of her monthly expenditures and her Son's Studies 

Please feel free to share our campaign,talk to friends and families and guide those who would be interested to know about our campaign and effort, until then take care and have a Blessed Life Ahead :)

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