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This Women's Day, I am fundraising to help unemployed youngsters become skilled professionals


Kapil, an aspiring 23-year-old graduate from Depalpur village in Madhya Pradesh dreamt of a career in technology services. However, in the face of stiff competition, he soon realized that his technical and communication skills were not going to cut the ice. The dream of a career in IT seemed even more distant as he did not have all the money to attend a specialized skill-training course. However, with a loan as little as Rs. 29,000 he could enroll in a three month Java programming course conducted by Talent Sprint – one of the partners of the National Skill Development Corporation. With that course, things changed drastically for Kapil. He performed well in his training, got plenty of hands-on practice in Java programming and was placed in a well-paid job in a software company soon after. Today he is proud to be contributing to the company's growth and his family income - and repaying his loan!
The National Skill Development Mission is the story of millions like Kapil – young sharp minds looking for an opportunity to shape their skills. The Mission is an initiative of unprecedented scale, never before in the history of mankind has a anyone aimed to skill 500 million in a decade. However, the National Skill Development Corporation and trainers like Talent Sprint are building this mission, one student at a time. Specialized training programs for the IT sector focus not only on industry relevant technical skills, but also on sharp interpersonal skills. After three months, many students like Kapil have started their careers in pioneering companies like Accenture, HP, Polaris, TCS etc. Talent Sprint has trained more than ten thousand young stars, and plans to take this initiative forward in banking as well. Loans are granted to students who tend to lose out on a job opportunity due to lack of technical skills. Each loan means a lot for the young men like Kapil, and a little step for India in realizing the potential of her youth!

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