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I am fundraising to build a water harvesting plant in a water scarce rural village of South India
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Why am I fundraising?

I am working for an NGO in a rural village in South India. The name of the village is Karattu Kovil, its a water scarce area, and has been declared a drought region by the government. The villagers really struggle for water, which affects their daily chores. The scarcity of water has forced many youths and adults in the village to work outside the village, many of them are working as labourers and stone cutters in the nearby towns because they cannot farm on the lands in the village.
There are usually few rains in the village which do not last longer, and in the last month there were 2 moderate rains, and we managed to collect around 1500 liters water in the temporary containers. The villagers are not aware about the water harvesting techniques, and our team is doing advocacy on saving the water. But the village needs a permanent structure to collect the rain water.
Our team is planning to train some people from the village to maintain the water harvesting plant, so that once we are gone from the village we will leave some sustainable resources in the village.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Our team will use the fund in building the water harvesting plant, and we were approved of 15000 rupees from our organisation, but the estimation budget of building a water harvesting plant is between 30000 and 35000 rupees, so we are falling short of the rest of the money.


About us

We are working as a part of Water and sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project, our main objectivies are sustainablity and rural development, and we are focusing on advocacy about the rights of the people in the village and various schemes that they can apply for from the gram panchayat

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