Antarctica- Saving PresenTENSE

Antarctica - Saving PresenTENSE
My journey back from the last wilderness on planet Earth

I’m sorry, I’m sorry....

My deepest apologies to the kids of the next generation and to the unborn generation; some day you will be crossing a man made structure that people would call a bridge and you will for sure ask around as to why is there a bridge over just pits of sand? Where has all the water gone would be your next question? Sadly, we all including myself have brought our world to this pathetic state. Even with all the water gone, we still did not stop there; we dug up all the sand and transported a million truck loads of it to build ourselves “homes” for our luxurious survival.

I’m sorry... you might never know how it feels to dive into a river or a fresh water lake; our greedy souls have consumed all of it and polluted the remaining. You might never see the colours of a reef under the sea, it is already bleached white. Except for one male and four female White Rhinos on this planet, we killed over 2000 of them in less than 25 years for the rich to snort their powdered horns. Right now, they are being guarded 24/7 by human beings from other “human beings”; I can only hope for their survival.  I could go on and fill up hundreds of pages on things we’ve done wrong especially in the last century, yet it’s not going to change anything. Our only hopes lie in the hands of a few leaders that are fighting against the system to extend our survival on planet Earth. I would like to help those leaders through every possible way during my time on Earth. We can no longer be keyboard warriors and leave climate change problems to experts; we have gone past all of that.

It has been more than a decade since I first saw the famous documentary, “An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore which documented the damage we have caused to our planet over the last century through our “movement forward” as human beings. Yet 10 years later in 2017, we haven’t made any progress in reducing our carbon footprint. Last year in October, there was yet another factual documentary by NatGeo, “Before the flood” that had facts from all over the globe stating that we are doing everything wrong for our luxurious survival. Have we changed?

I started to make conscious efforts to reduce my personal carbon footprint; it was the only thing I could do to start. My close interaction with the agriculture sector gave me more ground to implement ideas and solutions to work in tandem with the ecosystem while implementing commercial ideas. I had an audience to start with through a Farmers Producers company that we had established. I felt the need to gain perspective on climate change and the environment. I needed an opportunity that would distinctly give me authority and leadership to speak about climate change and the implementation of ideas. I came across Sir Robert Swan’s work and applied for the “Leadership on the Edge” program that selects 100 young leaders from all over the world to embark on an expedition to Antarctica. A few days later, I received a reply from the man himself inviting me to come on board the expedition to the last wilderness on planet Earth- Antarctica. I am running short of time and funds, so I am reaching out to all of you to spread the word and crowd fund about 38% of my entire budget which translates to INR 3,80,000 or USD 5,580 to help me with the expedition. Please read on to know who I am, what am I doing to help sustain Earth and how you can help me along my long journey. My humble apologies if it is too long a read...

Who am I and what is this all about?

My name is Walter Clint Fernando; I was born and raised in the second most populated place on earth, India (Chennai). I am an entrepreneur by profession, commerce graduate from Loyola, Chennai, India and also with a Masters degree in International Business and Trade from the University Of Adelaide, Australia. I had a brief stint in the financial capital of India, Mumbai in the same industry. Since college, I have spent a lot of my time and money (most of it) on travelling on my motorcycle, backpacking and being outdoors. This gave me a whole different perspective towards respecting and living in harmony with the world around. Post my Masters in Australia, I was convinced that India was the place to be. So I moved back to Chennai, got my ideas into perspective and ventured to set up my own enterprise - Winwal International in the Agribusiness space. One side of my business deals with the exports of agricultural commodities, mainly rice and spices. The other vertical deals with agriculture, urban farms, setup of a Farmers Producers Company and a vertically integrated supply chain directly off farms to retail stores for fresh horticulture produce which benefits the farmers with fair trade pricing. While working with a combination of the oldest professions in the world, farming and trade it gave me a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of our transformation, and the most vital problem that could and would cease our very existence - climate change. At this point, I began to realize that I have an audience of people from both urban and rural areas that I could change and influence through my farm projects and business, but I lacked the credentials and experience in the climate front.

Who is Robert Swan and what is 2041?

 The company 2041 was founded by polar explorer, environmental leader and public speaker Robert Swan, OBE. As the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles, Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. 

Swan has served as Special Envoy to the UNESCO Director General and as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth. In recognition of his work, Her Majesty the Queen awarded him the high distinction of OBE, Officer of the Order of the British Empire and the Polar Medal. 2041’s mission is to build on Swan’s dedication by informing, engaging and inspiring the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation and future technologies.

Why Antarctica? 
Why go all the way to Antarctica when we already have huge climate issues on our mainland? Antarctica is the only place on earth that isn’t open for commercial activities; a treaty for 50 years signed in December 1991 has designated “the continent of Antarctica as a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science”. The treaty prohibits all activities relating to the exploitation of mineral resources, fishing and other commercial activities except for scientific research. The current moratorium that bans drilling and mining in Antarctica can be reviewed after the 50-year anniversary of the ratification, which will occur in 2041. Since 2003, the leadership program of 2041 has been creating climate change ambassadors who would be the future decision makers and leaders to keep the Antarctic treaty intact in the year 2041.
Why am I reaching out to all of you?

The expedition aims to get more people, organizations and companies involved in the biggest problem we face today. Being a self funded expedition, I have not been able to secure the estimated budget through the CSR funds of corporate companies that I hoped would back me on this expedition. I currently have one company sponsoring me which is work in progress at the moment. I am running out of time as the deadlines for booking airfares, visas, equipment and gear are right around the corner. I have precisely 3 weeks to pull this off as I have to leave by the 1st of March, 2017. My entire budget and expenditure split up is detailed below. I have already put in INR 1,70,000 or USD 2500 towards the initial payments. I am looking to crowd source INR 3,80,000 or USD 5575 to make the necessary arrangements to embark on this once in a life time opportunity.

IAE 2017
Expedition costs
Tickets, visa & insurance
Clothing, gear and equipment
Preparation and en route exp

Why am I laying emphasis on this expedition and my way forward?

In the last two years I got to spend a lot of time in learning and understanding the agricultural and farming business in India. Being closely associated with the land, I got to witness the drastic changes in the weather patterns and how rise in temperature has huge downside on yield patterns across different regions. Alongside my entrepreneurial path, I started to address specific concerns - first was to reduce post harvest damage of food by employing standard packaging process; helping farmers break market barriers through a farmers producers company and linking retail to the farms (work in progress). My next plans include efficient usage of water at farm level, incorporating solar energy into the farming sector and a few small scale urban farm projects to make city folks connect back with nature. We all need a wakeup call to start a movement. Chennai will witness the harshest summer in 2017 accompanied with huge shortage in water as the North East monsoons retreated with a 62% rain deficit; this is the highest deficit recorded since 1876 in contrast to floods that hit Chennai a year ago. I’ve come across drastic weather conditions in many parts of the world in 2016. There are so many ways that you and I as an individual can work towards climate change, the smallest change in reducing our carbon footprint in our everyday routine will have a butterfly effect towards the larger problems we have in front of us.
Let us join together and work towards this as the future depends on how we implement our innovative ideas to help sustain our planet. Since the start of my preparation for the expedition to Antarctica, I have always emphasized that my journey and objective does not end on my arrival at Antarctica, rather it starts on my journey back to the mainland where I would implement ideas and work as a catalyst towards keeping every bit of our ecosystem intact. Being a survivor on this planet and an able leader for the future generations, I promise to work with my full potential through my business endeavours to preserve and sustain life in all forms as prescribed by nature. If you do feel that I am worth giving a shot, please contribute towards my expedition, a small amount would go a long way for me on this journey.

To get updates on the expedition and my future projects please find follow me on,

To acknowledge your generous contributions, I will send out postcards (from Ushuaia), photo prints of the expedition, personalized souvenirs and finally a copy of the memoirs of the entire International Antarctic Expedition’s team.

Thank you all!

Walter Clint Fernando
+91 9176223719 / +91 9789577895
Chennai, India
                                       “There is no question that climate change is happening; the only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.”   -David Attenborough

Invitation from Sir Robert Swan
Invitation from Sir Robert Swan
Ask for an update
18th October 2017
Hi all,
I hope all of you are doing great. This message is an update and an Invite to a dialogue that we are initiating from the alumni of 2041 in Chennai.
Post the expedition with the assistance of Robert Swan’s team I got in contact with everyone from India who had been on the expedition since 2003. We formed an Alumni network (70 members pan India) and created a platform to share ideas, initiatives and work on solutions.

Post the expedition I went around attending forums, meeting people and joining initiatives. It was evident that ideas and solutions existed. A lot of people have put in immense time and effort to address every problem to do with combating climate change. I felt the need to start bridging the gaps between the solutions and the larger segment of people.

We are testing the waters starting with a generic sustainability dialogue, we are collaborating with few people who have been in this space for many years to get more people involved into activities.

Please feel free to join us on the 22nd of October from 10 am to 1 pm at The Backyard, 3rd main road Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

The structure for the dialogue would have our experiences from our expedition to Antarctica, how much negative change has happened to the land thousand miles away from out habitats by Shaivya Rathore and myself. Nityanand Jayaraman, a renowned environmentalist, journalist would be talking about how the city is changing its urban structure that isn’t disaster friendly. Mathew Jose, founder of Paperman would share his expertise on waste management.
The last hour would be an interactive session with everyone gathered on how to make this into an activity driven model and future dialogues on specific sustainability initiatives.
As this is our first session, we have limited seating capacity that has to be capped at 50. If you are interested on attending it kindly contact me on +91 9176223719
The below are articles that were out last week on 2041’s progress and our initiative.

Thank you all for helping me get to this platform.
Have a very Happy Diwali!!

Walter Clint Fernando
21st April 2017
9:05 PM 8th of November, 2016 – I was staring at an official email from Robert Swan inviting me to come on board for the Antarctic expedition; the exact moment when we were all witnessing the demonetization revolution unfold in India. I gave up that very moment; it was a short lived dream. I was hit with a brick wall even before I could begin working it all out.

6:30 AM 8th March, 2017 – I woke up in my cabin, I looked outside the porthole and literally screamed “ICE BERGS”, I did wake up my cabin mate; we literally ran up to the decks in seconds. I was there!! I was in Antarctica.  Too perfect to be true...

I cannot forget every bit of the journey starting in November and all the way till this moment. All of you made it happen; everyone right from my family, my friends, people I’ve never met in more than a decade, strangers; they all told me only one thing, “YOU ARE GOING  PERIOD” and finally the big companies MRF and Pegasus Maritime Inc came in to support the cause through their CSR.
Apologies for the delayed update on the expedition; I was swamped with work as soon as I got back; also, had to survive and compensate for lost time and business since February.

We were a total of 85 members who represented 33 different nations that took part in the ‘Leadership on the Edge program’ in Antarctica. We had a much diversified group of people from varied industries, organizations who gave the entire expedition a larger perspective and agenda.
Antarctica has changed me, changed me in every way; Rob has been the biggest takeaway from our journey, we were all inspired by his work that has got all of us to work on agendas and solutions that align with his objective to create a bigger movement towards sustainability and renewable energy.
We went through a whole lot of learning during the course in terms of understanding how significant Antarctica is; how history had altered the fate of the continent and its inhabitants. We had interactions with world famous researchers in marine biology, ornithologists, Glaciologists. Their work and dedication towards planet earth had left us all awe inspired to work on convenient solutions to combat climate change. I will have it all detailed in my blog and update a bit of it on Facebook which I would start off as soon as possible.

Moving forward, Apart from a sustainable business and supply chain in the agriculture sector which is my core business, I am working on a specific agenda which aligns more towards renewable energy. I have just begun understanding how the solar energy systems work in India, every state has their own policy and the state governments play a vital role in the implementation. There certainly are hurdles in many forms, I am still learning about it from people within the industry. I am no environmentalist or have any knowledge on the renewable energy, this isn’t my forte. Hence, I am not looking to ‘re-invent the wheel’ we got no time for it. I would work on all of this as a catalyst to replicate ideas and solutions to earth’s problems.
I am in talks with Rob and his team to spearhead an Indian 2041 summit sometime this year to gather the entire Indian team of people who were part of this expedition since its inception in 2003. The main agenda would be to open up a knowledge resource pool as there have been success projects implemented out by earlier members in various parts around India which could be replicated all around India as well as in other countries through our global connect, with newer ideas from the entire team this could be a good start. I will keep you all updated on this initiative, work in progress.

It was through all of you that I got MRF and Pegasus Maritime Inc- a business associate to get onboard to sponsor a part of my expedition to Antarctica. I can’t thank you all enough for all the support; I will be reaching out to all of you. A lot of you aren’t from India, if you ever land in to Chennai don’t ever hesitate to ring me up, I will be there to receive you with coffee or beer and with some fun stories.

I also look forward to your support (don’t worry, all of you have been very generous with the fund J). Support in terms of working on projects, ideas, connections any kind of resources that we would require to implement solutions in the real world. I will run an email thread that will have all of you updated on the progress.
Finally, I would like to keep all of it transparent, I had worked out the accounts this was the total budget and split-up for the funds for the expedition.

Total expedition expenditure

Crowd fund & contributions
Pegasus Maritime Inc
Personal funding
Thank you all!!!
                                                                                                                           “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -   Robert Swan OBE
The entire team of 2041 
Robert and myself onboard the vessel

On the main land of Antarctica with Jonathan Shackleton and the Antarctic flag

Walter Clint Fernando
+91 9176223719
Fb – Saving Presentense
20th February 2017
The crowd funding was the most amazing thing that kept me going through the complex preparation for the Antarctic expedition. Moments when things did not go according to plan, this was the silver lining. I would definitely reach out to everyone personally once I get back, this was really something. Thank you all!
With the funds that came in I was able to take care of the final payment towards the expedition, pay for my airfare to Buenos Aires and back and the visa.
I am falling short of a small amount, I hope to reach my goal of INR 300,000 or USD 4480 which is just a  leap away. Kindly read on to know more about me and the expedition to the last wilderness on planet Earth. 

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