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Contribute to Rural workers for Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycle repairs & Services in villages.


I am the Company Secretary from a small village near by Jaipur main city (App. 18 Km away). I come to Jaipur daily for my work, meanwhile from my village there are about 10 people i personally know come to Jaipur for motor car & servicing stations to work.
Now this is all right they earn money by doing job? yes but how much ? how much of experience they have? They are working for just 4000-8000 P.m. with a experience of 5 years or more.
When i said them that why don't you start your own servicing station at our village they said this needs tools, parts, place etc.. that we don't have.
How can we buy all that.. even we cannot serve our family well.. of how much we earn.
I believe if they have some funds to start and some short of working capital .. they can earn more.. live well.. and can move ahead with happiness.

Who we are helping

Chaitali Saha
Anima Sarkar
Kamali Kaliyamoorthi
Dipali Biswas
Koushalya Biswas
Bunu Barman
Bharati Sarkar
Nurselim Sekh
Sandhya Das

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