Contribute to help my friend, Nash and his family

I am Vinay. I work for a small company in Bangalore. With God's grace I recently got a job that allows me to take care of my family and their needs. But over time, I have realized that not every one's life is just as well as mine.

Nash Miller ( in the picture above with his kids) is a good friend of mine. We have been friends for over 15 years now and have seen life's toughest times together. Both professionally and personally. Nash was working for a private firm. The firm was on a down hill and employees were not paid for months. Eventually the company shut down. Though he received the settlement, it was a very small amount. Since then, he has been struggling to get a job.  

His wife has got her hands full taking care of their two little kids, Declan (2 year old) and Aden (7 months). He has been living on credit from past six months and his debt has piled up to an substantial amount. Grocery shop owner, land lord, milk man. Everyone chases him for their dues. The electricity board officials have been kind enough to not cut his power line for 2 months despite the pending bills. With no money to buy a gas cylinder, the neighbours lent their kerosene stove to cook last Sunday (24th April). In addition to these challenges, the vaccination course for his two bundles of joy has also not been completed.

How can you help? 

I am trying my best to support Nash in these tough times. However, we were able to raise only 8000 INR. Nash is still in need of 45000 INR to pay off his debts. He has been trying to get a job but has no luck till date. He will have to vacate the house if he does not pay the outstanding rent.

I humbly request each one of you to please come forward to help my friend Nash . Every little contribution will help Nash and his family put these tough times past them. 
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15th July 2016
Please help Declan celebrate his third birthday.

July 23rd is Declan's third birthday. I has been a bad year for his father, Nash Miller who was jobless for few months. Thanks to Milaap and kind people who have contributed to help Nash. Nash is out of Debt. However they are still managing on a day to day basis as it would take another month or so to come out of this tight situation. Unfortunately they would not be able to celebrate Declan's birthday, though they love to. I would try to do some thing from my end. However I can only arrange few hundred rupees that would buy him some snacks and a toy. I request you to please help Nash and Claudette celebrate Declan's birthday either by contributing small amount if possible or gifting toys as they financially not stable. Declan loves chocolates, juice and toys. He is a very sweet kid. That's the only request I have.

Thank you so much for your support.


Vinay Keshav.
5th July 2016
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support. Today Nash and his family are in much better position, compared to what they were few months ago. They have cleared the electricity bill, big chunk of grocery credit and the rent has been paid off. They have managed to get back the gas connection. And the best part is they are able to sleep in peace. Without your timely help none of this would have been possible.

Nash has managed to get a job and this is his second month. However things are still tough, but soon he will be out of debt. July 23, 2016 Declan will turn three years old. Last year Nash managed to celebrate Declan's birthday in a simple manner. This time Nash may not be able to do much. My sincere request is to please help to celebrate Declan's birthday. Any kind of gifts or contributions would be appreciated.

I once again thank all of your generous contributions.


Vinay Keshav
5th May 2016
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support. With your help we have raised Rs. 10,300. We are still short of Rs.30,000. My friend and I are trying to help him directly as well. Together we have raised Rs.15,000. With this amount Nash was able to pay his electricity bill, 25% of grocery bill, get a new kerosene stove, table fan and diapers and groceries to run the show. Nash is still going through a tough phase. His wife is a chronic anemic patient. At the time of Aiden's delivery. Her hemoglobin count was just 7. Aiden has developed three lumps on the back of his neck and Nash cannot afford to go to a baby specialist. Aiden is still not vaccinated.  I will be helping him with aptitude lessons and  mathematics. This will enable to get him a decent job.

I urge all of you to please contribute and help Nash. Even sharing this campaign with your friends on Facebook and Twitter will definitely help.

Thanks and Best Wishes

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