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I'm Angeline Dias, an educator, a coach, a guide, a parent, a sibling, a friend and many more things to these beautiful children. A few years ago, I made a decision to Join Teach For India and that is when I was a teacher who taught these kids when they were little. Some of them couldn't read three letter words and some couldn't solve basic operations in 5th Standard. Through contributions for various resources like books,  projector, worksheets for everyday class and dictionaries, they were able to grow almost 4 levels higher from where we started. They're in Grade 10 and soon will be appearing for their board exams. 

Like most low income schools, the resources available are often not enough to support their learning and we need your help much more now because we want to create magic. We want to show the world that "Where we come from will not decide where we go". We want to excel and be great individuals with a moral code of conduct and be exposed to everything around us. 

P.S. We have 90 children in the class. Your contribution would be used towards buying a projector for the classroom, books, dictionaries and worksheets for 90 students along with some other very basic classroom supplies.

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22nd June 2018
The students have started with Grade 10 and need money to buy the digest so that they can really work hard and do well :)
4th May 2018
Hello everyone :)

In the coming year, we have students entering Grade 10 and for this we are have planned a few things that will be require more funding than we already have. We have invited this organization called Seeds of Awareness to help us help the students deal with adolescent and the various scenarios that come with it. At Seeds of Awareness, they believe that Sexual Health is much more than just sex education and AIDS. The World Health Organization defines Comprehensive Sexual Health as a “state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality”. So when they say they’ve endeavored to teach sexual health comprehensively, it means they encompass subjects like Gender, Relationships, Body Image, Reproductive Health, Violence, Conditioning and the right to make Informed Decisions about one’s own Sexuality. We had this program for the students this year and we want to continue the same for the children in the coming year. The program however costs Rs 90,000 for all our students for this year and we are still collecting funds for the same.

It helped our students a lot this year as some of them got to know about the ill-effects that movies and serials had on them and their perception about a lot of things. It also broke barriers about people's mindsets regarding these topics and gave them a space to talk and vent about anything.

31st March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your tremendous support.

This year was one of the most beautiful years of my life because I was the power of what an excellent education was and how with the right skills and mindsets - anyone can be the best versions of themselves.

We took part in things that we hadn't ever and it only proved out to be one of the best experiences we have ever been through. Here are some examples of the same:

1. Abstract theatre performance: We collaborated with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) through Dhirubhai Ambani school and worked for 6 months with the students from schools all over the world. We had around 12 students participate and the funds collected were used for transport through the 6 months and the final four days of the performance.

You can see the details of the event here.

2. Halla Bol (Teach For India- Parliamentary Debate) The students were prepping for 6 months learning skills of debating at a parliamentary level. They learnt how to make an argument for a motion before it becomes a law, how to rebuttal that argument, how to question thoughts and ideas and more importantly- how to listen and express their opinions.

3. City as Lab- The students wrote three research papers on topics that were close to their hearts. The purpose of CaL is to engage children in authentic inquiry and research using their city as a laboratory. Students observe their surroundings, come up with a research question, formulate a hypothesis, engage in research, analyze and interpret findings, extrapolate their results and come up with conclusions. They then present their entire project in a concisely written research paper. CaL gave my children an opportunity to discover their ability to reason, to think critically, to work collaboratively, but most importantly, to understand their city as participatory citizens.

Funds were used for transport, for registration, for materials and for food during these various trips.

Please keep supporting us.

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