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Help Partha Undergo An Urgent Liver Transplant

Our friend Partha Pratim a 27 year old boy is going through critical illness. Currently he is on life support costing 2lakhs rupees/day . Also he needs to undergo liver transplant which would require additional 15 lakhs rupees. Please help us in supporting his family at least financially.
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Bill till 14 July
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Bill 3 till 14 July
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Bill 2 till 14 July
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Hospital bills - 16july17
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23rd July 2017
Thank you all for your prayers and wishes from all across the world.

1) Partha is recovering significantly from the Acute Liver Failure.

2) His ventilators were successfully removed on 17th after a lot of effort by pulmonologists through 4 days. He was provided multiple physiotherapy session to clear his lungs infection.

 3) Removal of ventilators has helped partha speak with his family.

4) Partha is currently able to sit on chair and is also passing stools every day.

5) He is eating a semi solid and solid food as per nutritionalists directive.

6) Doctors are currently focusing on getting him pass urine. As a substitute, till then he has been put on different  dialysis types like 3 day CRRT dialysis , normal 7 hour dialysis, and 4 hour haemodialysis.

7) Meanwhile, partha is passing his lone time by reading technology blogs   which are being printed on paper and provided to him to make him feel better.
17th July 2017
Hello Supporter's,

Updates on Partha's health
1) yesterday, bilirubin further decreased to 25 from 30 (day before).

2) he has better sense (ammonia has decreased 6 more units to 91) and are understanding things properly, with hand and leg movements

3) doctors are trying their best to get ventilators off, and a reputed visiting pulmonologist was called for better breathing

4) Partha needed a physiotherapy session yesterday morning for clearing a lung blockage (mucus)

5) doctors said that he is one of their most precious patients till date,  with one of the most speediest recovery rates and miraculous transformations

Thanks all for your support and wishes
14th July 2017
Dear Supporters, Few more updates for you.

1) The plan of liver dialysis is delayed as the head of hepatology wanted him to self-heal a bit more with increased platelets. (He is quite low with 43000 against 1.5 lakhs )

2) Doctors are trying their level best to remove the ventilators but a recent CT scan showed some infection in his lungs, (with signs of pneumonia ) which could be causing breathing issues without ventilators. doctors said that this will be tackled with medicines.

3) Partha just got a waiver from a friend for a kidney dialysis therapy which amounted to 80,000 rupees. Thanks to him for providing financial aid to us.

4)  Partha has a better orientation as ammonia level has decreased to 97. but he is given sedatives to avoid pulling pipes and tubes due to discomfort. His brother and father had a long chat with him today. He was awestruck when he knew about Milaap contributions.

5) Partha's bilirubin has gone down from 65 on day 1 to 30. Yet this is still a lot. Liver dialysis would have brought this down but his platelets have to increase for that.

 6) Partha's brother has used a small part of the money collected on Q1 drugs. Further to be used for expensive procedures like liver dialysis, CRRT etc. in near future.

Thanks all for your contribution and support.
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