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Turning Darkness into Light



Bringing Light
The incandescent filament light bulb has been around since the late 1800s but today some 1.3 billion people are still without electricity. That is almost 20% of the world’s population. To put that into perspective, India has a population of about 1.24 billion people.
In developed countries, many of us do not question where electricity comes from or how much we rely on it.
Let’s take a moment and think what our own lives would be like without electricity. No air conditioning or heating, no escalators, no convenience of WIFI, and no refrigerators that keep our food from spoiling. We would need to manually wash our clothes and cooking would be quite unsafe.
No life-saving medical equipment.
Right now 2.8 billion people rely on solid fuels – wood, charcoal, dung, and coal – for cooking and heating. About 4,000 lives are claimed every day from the fumes and smoke from these open cooking fire related respiratory illness. The fine particles in kerosene fumes of kerosene lamps are a major cause of pulmonary diseases, burns and eye problems.
Without light, there is literally darkness and in this darkness, kids cannot do their homework and without education, human development and economic growth are stunted.
I often catch myself taking a lot of things for granted. My life is more than comfortable. I am very fortunate.
Turning 50 I want to raise awareness of the issue around the lack of electricity and raise money to help families in India to buy portable solar lanterns, solar lighting home systems, and even micro grids for a whole village.
Solar energy has fascinated me since the ‘70s when I got a calculator powered by light instead of batteries. And now a flight in a solar-powered single-seater is planned for 2015!
I came across Milaap a couple of years back supporting the fundraiser of a friend of mine.
I have to admit – I am now addicted to lending. I guess it is not the worst addiction one can have.
The word Milaap means “connecting people” in Hindi and Urdu.
What I love about working with Milaap is that they work with credible grass-root organizations to reach the working poor of India looking for capital to change their lives.
My heart goes out to women who seek to improve their life and the lives of their families. Many of these women are willing to take up micro-loans.
It is not charity.
By lending, we are supporting other people who retain sovereignty over their decisions. We are helping them make a difference and sustainable change. It empowers them to take matters into their own hands.
Their success stories will undoubtedly inspire their children and other women to take action in an organic and fluid way.
Your loan would provide families in India with a source of clean energy to cook, work, and earn additional income, and for their children to study past sunset. Affordable renewable lighting opens up many opportunities for a better future for these families, and ultimately for the whole world.
Think about all the opportunities that are possible with more light!
India is projected to be the most populated country in the world, at just under 1.6 billion, by 2028.
What if we can start now, and support viable and sustainable human development and local economy so that we can change the arc for a better future?
I invite you to support my campaign. It takes little to make a difference in someone else’s life….
Let us turn darkness into light.
Thank you for your loan.

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