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Let us Protect Dignity of Our Daughters

It is an undeniable fact that the absence of safe toilet adds to the vulnerability of women.
A man can unzip anywhere without fear and shame. It is the women, who lack access to clean toilets and have to wake up before sunrise or wait for the sky to get dark and walk miles to find the right and safe place to defecate. If not a human issue, toilets certainly are a women’s issue. 
Women get Raped, Harassed and Abused in trying to find a place to defecate

Join me in protecting dignity of 1 daughter at a time.
Become become part of our journey and create enormous impact in the lives of 20000 DAUGHTERS


Imagine being a mother of a bubbly 12 year old girl in a house, the size of 2 dining tables, in an urban slum.
You don't have a toilet not just because of a financial crunch, but also because of a space crunch. 
In dense Urban slums, in-home toilet is rarely an option.
So Community toilets are an appropriate sanitation solution. But many urban slums do not have community toilets and even if community toilets are present, they are FILTHY and unused as not properly maintained.


At dinner you eat little and drink less to reduce the pressure of the basic call of nature, because you know that it might be too difficult to find a clean toilet and too dangerous to find a safe place amidst the evil forces of night; when men shine torch on women defecating, or hide behind the adjacent bush to peep and pelt stones to tease. 

Moreover, you also ask your daughter not to take more than a few sips of water else she would have to step out of the house at night, And you know it's not going to be safe.

You get up early in the morning, walk a mile (or two or three) to find a spot away from the normal gaze and finally relieve.

And this continues. Day-after-day-after-day until eternity. Holding your pee and poo OR using dirty toilets leads to severe health complications like Urinary Tract Infections.


Samagra brings you its award-winning Toilet Design and Operation Model through which we provide clean, hygienic and safe toilet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 1 girl child for a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of just $20 or INR 1000

Our Model ensures the financial sustainability of community toilets once the INITIAL STARTUP INVESTMENT is secured.

That is why we are raising INR 20,000,000 for providing clean toilets to 20000 DAUGHTERS (and their families) for ever.

Sustainable MODEL:

Samagra makes toilets "Accessible", "Affordable" and "Aspirational" for the Urban Poor through an innovative Model.

Thus, You can be assured that your ONE TIME investment is used for provision of sanitation services to these girls for ever.


Never before has it been this easy to empower girls living in the developing world.  
We engage girls through visceral campaigns and workshops.

We toil for transformational toilets so that you know your money is hard at work in providing safe access to girls in Urban Slums of India.
We provide awesome cleaning services to existing community toilets so that girls can use them without hesitation.

Impact till date has been summarized below:

Your investment is guaranteed to create impact which will be communicated to you regularly through our newsletters.

You can be sure that every penny you invest in us will go towards making toilets accessible to the 20000 DAUGHTERS (and their families).  

As soon as you donate, you get listed in our database and receive personal email from me "The Poop-Guy".


Here is a Summary of Awards and Recognition for Samagra:

Double Your Impact
Double Your Impact
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10th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Small Efforts Create Big Impact. Providing clean and safe toilets can affect the life of different people of Slums in different ways. But one thing is for sure, their life definitely becomes better.

We share a Short Documentary Film on Pune Slum Sanitation and Cleanliness issues:

18th December 2017
Dear Samagra Patron,

We want to thank you for your continued support.

Together we have raised enough amount to impact the lives of 400 Girls and their families. We have identified a new community of Lokmanya Nagar in Pune, where we will be starting our sanitation services soon. This has been made possible with your support.

This community has over 800 families (about 4000 people) but there is only one toilet block. This is not enough for meeting the sanitation needs of all people and as such, there is rampant open defecation.

We have already surveyed the new slum area and have submitted the report to the Pune Municipal Corporation for providing 2 more toilet blocks.

Keep supporting us so that we can impact more lives. We will keep you updated.

Swapnil Chaturvedi
8th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

2017 is almost over. Samagra Team has been toiling for transforming the sanitation services for the urban Poor in the city of Pune India.
This year we have doubled our impact in terms of number of men, women and children served on a daily basis.
Our tireless efforts to provide clean, safe and functional toilet facilities to the Urban poor have received a few recognitions this month.
Indeed, the month of November 2017 has been very rewarding for SAMAGRA.
It is our pleasure to share accomplishments of our awesome team with you.
1.National Institute of Urban Affairs has featured Samagra as one of ‘5 Innovative WASH Solutions for an Inclusive Urban India’. 
Download the booklet here to know more:

2. Samagra was also one of the 400 organizations (amongst over 4000 applicants form India) which got selected to attend the  Global Entrepreneur Summit-2017.
The theme of the GES summit this year was "Women First, Prosperity For All" which is the prime focus of our work.
Samagra is helping women and young girls live a dignified life by providing the basic facility of clean, safe, functional and reliable toilets.
We feel proud and honoured for this nomination and an opportunity to share our story with the world

3.Samagra got another feather in its cap when our founder Mr. Swapnil Chaturvedi aka PoopGuy got invited to 'The Obama Foundation Town hall Event' hosted by the President Obama on 1st December 2017 in New Delhi.
In this town hall event, President Obama discussed about “active citizenship” and ways to increase our impact.
We at Samagra are driven by our MISSION to impact a BILLION LIVES and we are grateful to the President for sharing his thoughts on Purpose Driven Life

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