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Meet Toby. Toby has a beautiful wife, a promising career and two intelligent children. Toby was voted Employee of the Year in his office three years in a row, not only because of his extreme dedication, but also because of his incredible people skills. He has a large circle of friends as a testament to just this. Toby has exactly 9 days left to live.

He is suffering from stage 2 Leukemia. Leukemia is extremely difficult to detect at its infancy.

Over 350 million people all over the world suffer from diseases that are difficult to diagnose at an early stage. Almost 50% of these diseases do not have disease specific foundations supporting or researching their causes. And just like Toby, many people know nothing of their impending doom- until it is too late.

An age-old saying we have all been taught is that "Prevention is better than cure", be it in any field of life - infrastructure development, technological advancements or medical growth, to name a few. When one considers the arena of healthcare, how exactly does one "prevent", especially when it comes to diseases that are completely unforeseen?

With recent advances in medical technology, nanobots have found their way to the top of the elite list of futuristic medical devices. We have devised a tiny particle that roams your body and within minutes, it not only detects, but also reports multiple diseases conventional existing medical methods might not have detected.

What we aim to achieve as a result of this multifaceted amalgamation of nanotechnology and biomolecular design is a radical new way of medical diagnosis. Our goal is to provide a method of early disease detection that could significantly increase chances of improved healthcare, through minimal screening. This provides an inspiring possibility to save millions of lives, especially in cases such as cancer, where early diagnosis is an integral part of the extensively procedural treatment.

Team Archis from BMS College of Engineering aspires to present this project at BIOMOD 2016, an international competition conducted by the Wyss institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University, Boston, USA and held at University of California, San Francisco, USA.

The previous BMSCE BIOMOD team - "Sampoorna Surakhshan" grabbed the silver award in the 2014 edition held at Harvard University, Boston, USA for developing a new and unique way of targeted drug delivery to treat cancer and several other diseases. This novel idea has been patented and will soon enter the market with the prime objective of saving lives.  

We are being mentored by one of the integral members of the team. 
We cannot hope to make this idea a reality without your benevolence. We implore you to lend a noble hand as we strive to make this world a better place, one life at a time.

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