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Help transform the quality of education for 1800 children in Chennai
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1. What is Madhi Foundation?

Nearly 62% of children in India attend a government school and a vast majority of children enrolled in private schools attend 'affordable private schools' (APS). And yet:
  • 56% of students in Grade IV (in a Government school) cannot do two-digit subtraction
  • 53% of students in Grade V (in private and government schools combined) cannot read a Grade II text book
  • 46% of students in Grade V cannot read simple sentences eg. “This is a tall tree.”
Madhi Foundation was established  as a non-profit organisation working in the education sector, committed to the cause of bridging the equity gap in education for children across India. 

The Foundation draws its inspiration from the Tamil adage, “vidhiyay madhiyaal vellalaam”, which translates to, “you can conquer destiny with intellect (madhi)”.  We truly believe that equitable and purposeful education can be a great leveler for children, mitigating the adverse impact of most of their social, cultural or economic disadvantages on their future, helping them create life paths of their choice, realise their potential for excellence, and conquer their destinies.

2. What is the 'Transformational Academic Programme'?

The first programme to be launched by Madhi, the 'Transformational Academic Programme' (TAP), aims to address some of the most common and pervasive challenges in GOVERNMENT AND LOW-FEE PRIVATE SCHOOLS in India. By immersing the teachers and the school management in long-term training programmes along with providing all the support mechanisms and technology required, it aims to transform teachers into exemplars and classrooms into vibrant learning spaces.

3. Why are we raising funds?

In 2016-17, TAP will impact the quality of education of 1800 children across 16 government and low-fee private schools and 40 classrooms all over Chennai. We aim to reach 10,000 children in 3 years and 40,000 children in the next 5 years across India. 

4. What do we plan to do with the funds?

The funds raised will be used to cover the following support and material costs:

  • Designing and developing content - Bilingual lesson plans, Learning aids (charts, flashcards, toolkits),  Assessments, Workbooks etc.
  • Cost of printing the resources for 1800 children
  • Procuring smart phones (customised apps to be used by teachers as part of the training) and DVD players (to play A/V content in class) for 40 classrooms
  • One trainer/manager per 10 teachers for an entire year
  • 5-day Primer training cost for teachers 
5. What is the cost breakdown?
  • Cost per child - Rs. 2300
  • Cost per school - Rs. 2,00,000
  • Cost per cluster (5 schools) - Rs. 10,00,000

For more information, please write to or visit our website

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