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Help Underprivileged Women To Get Access To Proper Menstrual Hygiene
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Hello there!
My name is Tanu Kumari .I’m an intern at ''HAMARI PAHCHAN ''NGO. The project I’m working on with the NGO is ‘’ SUKHAD ‘’ .
You need to take a glance below to know what this project is all about.

’My periods just started I want a sanitary napkin ‘’,a daughter said.
‘’First ration would be bought ‘’, a  helpless mother replied’’

This might be just two statements for some but this is the reality and situation of a lot of Indian girls and women in our country. Menstruation is something which is a normal process of woman reproductive system and one thing which every woman has to deal with every month and  Menstrual Hygiene is the most important aspect of this process. Maintaining hygiene is very important in day to day normal life too and during this time of the month extra hygiene should be kept and needed whereas  around 300 million India women and girls do not have access to menstrual hygiene products which force  them to use unsafe alternatives .
The needs of women have mostly obtained  a bottom position in the society and therefore the use of sanitary napkins and menstrual hygiene has always been at back foot in a lot of households.
The past year has made it more difficult than ever for millions of women throughout the world to safely manage their periods. During the pandemic of COVID -19 the menstrual hygiene has been forced to take a backseat .A woman whose home income is just  that much that the family basic needs are also not properly fulfilled will not give priority to their own Menstrual hygiene in front the other needs of the family. Struggling to get even one meal a day ,many women who were somehow arranging sanitary pads and proper menstrual hygiene have gone back to practices of using cloth ,ash and hay covered in rags during periods and contracting to cervical cancer ,Hepatitis B and various infections of the reproductive system putting their lives on stake and causing a lot of deaths around the year  .Additionally the adolescent girls with poor background have lost access to pads supplied to them in school, which have been shut during lockdown

One more reason is the taboo that people think that Periods aren’t normal and shouldn’t be talked publicly and in open about it .Is it really true ?.‘’Nearly half of the world shed world blood of birth, still is it something one should be ashamed of and not to be discussed often ‘’.Youngs girls have no knowledge about what periods are until they have periods for the first time ,how to keep them clean and maintain hygiene during periods is also something they don’t have much knowledge about which gives rise to non awareness on issues like this.

Social Taunts , Mood Swings , Painful cramps with no access to menstrual hygiene ,sanitary pads is a painful situation to see ,hear, feel and think .Is it no enough to open our eyes and mind ,if not then this will surely be .Only 57.6 % of women in India use sanitary napkins and others use rags, ashes ,clothes and the list goes on and and sometimes even with no access to toilets .
It is well said if you can’t help many just help one but lend one a hand of help. Contribution is not small or big like a drop of water can make ocean similarly one penny of yours ours can help someone.

Therefore HAMARI PEHCHAN is with ‘’ SUKHAD project’’ as the name itself suggests something which gives  ‘’SUKH ‘’meaning happiness ,pleasure and peace .’’Our Yours SUKH of contribution and someone’s SUKH of having access to sanitary napkins and menstrual hygiene ’’,therefore it  aimed at providing 50,000 sanitary kits to underprivileged and poor women.
Initially started as ‘'SUKHAD'' Initiative’, this initiative helped thousands of women having better menstrual hygiene during their menstruation.

We not only help these women with better menstrual hygiene but also we aimed at giving work to underprivileged women under the ‘Skill Development Project’ this is the reason we’ve decided to engage underprivileged women in the production of these paper bags and paper envelopes so that they can earn their livelihood from the same and become “Atma Nirbhar”

Project SUKHAD is the need of the hour and we all need to unite for the cause.
1KIT will guarantee 3 months of menstrual hygiene and comfort to an under privileged women.
Per kit price:
SUKHAD kit for 1 woman = RS.1,400/-
SUKHAD  kits for 5 women = RS. 7,000/-
 24 packets of the sanitary pad
 6 packets of soap
 Disposable paper envelopes.

This might be a normal thing for us but more it’s still a luxury and not a priority .So, lets contribute some part of our normal to someone’s luxury and make this a normal and accessible to them too .Even penny counts and can make a difference in the society and can make someone’s periods safe ,healthy and happy .I respectfully request you all to donate to this cause .Your one contribution can make a difference .
Or you can donate through the website as well
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