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Tanmatra is a Sanskrit term which comes from the root words, tan, meaning “subtle,” and matra, meaning “element."  In the Vedic theory of creation, it is the tanmatras that form the basis of all physical existence.  Simply put, Tanmatra translates to "potential". That is what my kids are, little children full of potential.  

Hello! :)
My name is Varun Goverdhan and I am a fellow at Teach For India. I work in a Government School near Vijaynagar in Bangalore and teach 70 enthusiastic 5th graders.

My kids come from low-income households and tough backgrounds, but are determined to not have that define them. They are curious about the world around them and are eager to learn and grow. My mission, over the next two years, is to create an ecosystem where these kids are encouraged to realize their potential and grab the opportunities that will help their families live a better tomorrow.

To accomplish this, we need to develop our school into a welcoming place where students are excited to come spend their day. Currently, our school lacks some of the basic amenities that children in schools need. We currently do not have clean drinking water, basins, soap, fans in certain classrooms etc. We also have minimal classroom and floor space where we currently try to accommodate around 480 children.

Our primary aim with the money is to have a functional water purifier, revamp the bathrooms, install electric fans in the classrooms, rejuvenate the ground outside the school and construct two additional classrooms to accommodate the influx of children. Additionally, I plan to introduce some basic technology in our classrooms and provide some interesting learning material.

All my expenses with the donated money can be viewed here. I will regularly update this document, so you can keep track of our projects. My kids and I are extremely grateful for every donation made here and no amount is too small. These projects will also benefit the community around by making our school a symbol of progress through quality education.

If you would like to donate in non-monetary ways, feel free to shoot me an email at varun.g2017@teachforindia.org

Thank you very much :)
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3rd July 2017
Hello :)

It was been slightly over a week since the fundraiser has begun and I have been overwhelmed by the response! It has been absolutely amazing to see how everyone has come together to help my children fulfill their potential. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for donating! My kids and I are extremely grateful for every single donation we have received.

This will be the first update of many that will be coming your way. Our three main priorities for our school site are: Sanitation and Hygiene, Stationary and Resources, and Infrastructure. These three areas will be addressed over multiple phases over two years.

During the past week, I have been in discussions with the contractor and teachers about the first few action items that will be taking place. These are:
1) Fixing and possibly replacing the current water purifier for students.
2) Setting up a hand wash area with basins, tiles, soap, sufficient taps etc.
3) Installing fans, lights, and electricity in one of the rooms that currently doesn't have any.
4) Installing an intercom system in all the classes. (Donated by World Vision)
5) Providing classes and the school with adequate trash cans
6) Providing ~70 students with English workbooks and general stationary

The approximate cost for these six items is 40,000 - 50,000Rs or $600 - $800 USD. I will be posting a more detailed breakdown on this excel sheet over the next couple of weeks. I will also post pictures and videos of the progress being made on the fundraiser webpage.

I wanted to thank all of you once again for participating in this fundraiser. We wouldn't be able to do any of this if it wasn't for all of you!

Thank you,
Varun Goverdhan
2017 Fellow - Teach For India
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anitha donated $50

Varun I am so proud of you child, keep up the good work. wishing you tons of happiness.

Rajneesh donated Rs.2,500
Anonymous donated Rs.500
Anonymous donated $50

Good luck traveling on this noble path you're taking for the next couple of years, Varun!

shanta donated Rs.500
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