This premature-born is struggling and needs urgent help to survive

I am Mohd Sualeh Ansari, married to Safa Ansari and father to our new born. On June 23, 2017, an event took place - something which is often marked by celebrations but turned out to be a nightmare for my family. It was the day when my baby was born at only 29 weeks. 

They told my wife may not survive

On June 23, while I was in Delhi for certain professional requirements, my 29-weeks pregnant wife was rushed to a nearby hospital as her water broke. I left everything and came to Mumbai. Upon reaching, the doctors told me that my wife needs to undergo C-section or she won't survive. I was stumped and didn't know what to do. I couldn't utter the words that needed to be said or react in a manner that was expected of me. All I knew that I cannot go against the words of a doctor. So I let my wife wheeled away to the Operation Theatre while I stood outside the door -- pacing around and praying with every cell of my body that she comes out alive.  
Thankfully, the operation went well and my wife was safe. Although the doctors have prescribed her complete bed-rest, she is atleast home now. But unfortunately, my son wasn't offered similar fate. He was born extremely premature and was immediately admitted into NICU. The doctors said that his organs require artificial support until his body develops and takes up the fight for its own. So far, that hasn't happened!  

He will be safe if we can give some time

My baby needs to be in NICU for next 4-6 weeks. He came into this world too early and if we don't give him this time, he will lose his fight. I have been calling people for help since this all happened.  All I want is to keep him alive and bring him home.

So far, I have spent 2 lakhs already. I am doing my best but with my salary of Rs.15,000 per month, it is not possible to arrange Rs. 5 Lakhs in next three weeks.

How you can help

Your support can help this father save his baby. His birth was supposed to be a happy occasion. Before they knew it, life swept them into this nightmare. Funds raised through this fundraiser will help to keep the baby alive.
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5th October 2017
My child is again admitted in the same hospital in PICU. He is suffering from viral fever and is also vomiting. The doctors are unsure on well he will be discharged. It depends on how well he responds to the treatment.

Please pray for his recovery and share the campaign with your friends and family. Thank you for the support so far.


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