Help Hrudhaiya Lakshmi Fight Meningeal Tuberculosis (Brain TB)

Mr. Karthi Thandavakon is a resident from Tiruppur, an artist by profession needs your help as his daughter Hrudhaiya Lakshmi (21) is fighting with Brain Tuberculosis. She was a topper in her school studies. She always wanted to be an Astrophysicist, and when she was pursuing her final year BSc Physics, doctors finally diagnosed her with Brain TB. She was admitted to the Ramakrishna hospital at Coimbatore during December 2015.

Now, she has got back her only her consciousness but cannot stand, walk or even talk. With gestures, she often signals her wish to go to college and study and fulfill her dream, which is now at stake. Mr. Karthi, a middle-class man, has done everything that he could do and is now left with nothing.

Friends, relatives helped him with what they can but still needs funds for her treatment. He has also sold his thatch house for her medical expense. Even then he was not able to get his daughter to the doctors due to insufficient funds on the Late December 2016, which he must have taken her. Now he is very much in need of funds to provide treatment to his daughter.

Please help Mr. Karthi Thandavakon to meet out the financial needs for the treatment of his daughter fighting Meningeal Tuberculosis - Brain TB.

Karthikeyan Thandavakon,
6, Thiruvalluvar Nagar North,
Sirupooluvampatti Post,
Tiruppur - 641625
Medical Documents and Photos of Mr.Karthi's daughter Lakshmi.
Medical Documents and Photos of Mr.Karthi's daughter Lakshmi.
Issue from Hospital stating the disease of Hrudhaiya Lakshmi.
Issue from Hospital stating the disease of Hrudhaiya Lakshmi.
Treatment provided at the physiotherapy clinic.
Treatment provided at the physiotherapy clinic.
Issue from Ayurveda Clinic.
Issue from Ayurveda Clinic.
Hrudhaiyalakshmi in the Folding chair, bought through funds raised.
Hrudhaiyalakshmi in the Folding chair, bought through funds raised.
Latest statement from the Physiotherapists.
Latest statement from the Physiotherapists.
Handwritten Thanking Note by Hrudhaiyalakshmi
Handwritten Thanking Note by Hrudhaiyalakshmi
Ayurveda Doctors treating Hrudhaiyalakshmi.
Ayurveda Doctors treating Hrudhaiyalakshmi.
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28th January 2017
Hello Donors,

Currently, Hrudhaiyalakshmi is doing good, her health condition has improved in the past 15 days tremendously. Particularly, there is a great progress in the lip movement of Hrudhaiyalakshmi, after 2 years. Thanks for all your blessings and support. I am posting this update in request of raising funds for buying certain equipments that are required for the physiotherapy treatment of Hrudhaiyalakshmi. I have uploaded the best quotation that was received from Innovative Medicare Systems, Ganapathy, Coimbatore.

The need for BUYING the equipments:

1. Generally, Physiotherapeutic patients are treated in the hospitals, in some cases patients tend to accommodate themselves in the hospitals, but in other cases people prefer to buy equipments and doctors treat the patient in his/her home.

2. Hrudhaiyalakshmi comes under the second case where the patient is treated at home. The physiotherapy treatment till now was basic treatment and it did not include these advanced equipments. The main reason for Hrudhaiyalakshmi to treat her from home is because, there are no rehabilitation centers in Tirupur that has these equipments, and that can accomodate her. These rehabilitation equipments are only available in Ganga Rehabilitation Centre, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore and in a rehabilitation home at Bhavani, Erode District.
               i) In both the above cases the patient has to go and stay in the hospitals and rent should be paid for her treatment which comes approximately around Rs.2000.
              ii) As per the doctor's statement Hrudhaiyalakshmi has to undergo treatment for a longer term that may go more than 1 year. So, it becomes practically impossible and involves more funds for the patient and her family to go to another city, stay there and treat her.
             iii) Hrudhaiyalakshmi is now undergoing "Ayurveda" treatment (in tirupur) for a first period of 48 days and that also may exceed as per her improvements in the first period. If Hrudhaiyalakshmi is treated in other places it is again difficult to provide her Ayurveda Treatment.

These caused us the need to buy the essential equipments that are needed for Hrudhaiyalakshmi's treatment to treat her from her home in Tirupur.

I also kindly request the donors to assist us in purchasing the essential equipments and also to kindly let us know if these equipments could be bought in lesser costs. We also tried to purchase second hand equipments but we couldn't find the right place to purchase it.

Contact us:

Karthikeyan (Father of Hrudhaiyalakshmi)

Sivarama Krishnan .S

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