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I am fundraising to provide a medical shelter to HIV impacted orphans
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Why am I fundraising?

There is a small orphanage located near small town called Gajapathinagaram, Vizianagaram District.It was summer, i visited my cousin sister's place, she works as medical field. One day she mentioned she visits a small orphanage for medical check up every month. I planned a visit with my nephew and we visited that evening to the orphanage. While on the way, my nephew said, the orphanage shelters HIV affected children. Hence monthly regular check up is required.

Children gave a very warm welcome to me and my nephew, i was so happy . We distributed choclates sweets, we spent some time, the caretaker mentioned one of the kid is sick , further told us, Children get sick here because low immunity levels.

Recently i visited again 5 months back, I was very happy to know, they recognized me even after 5 years, This time, I planned to buy something for kids, but i didnt know what to buy. So i wanted to give the choice to them , asked them to get back in 15 min , with their needs, one leader from each team girl and boy came with the needs. I was so surprised and moved by the both the young kids who considered all the important needs of the orphanage rather personal needs. They were very mature and responsible individuals at such tender age. I was greatly moved with their leadership , then we started off to shopping , bought everthing required for orphanage for atleast another 6-9 months.

This time again i noticed , one kid was sick , but sleeping outside, when i asked about the medical room, caretaker told me the medical room is too hot due to Rake shed.  Visakhapatnam and near by villages are very hot regions during summer. They mentioned medical room is covered with rake shed, hence it becomes too hot in general.

I gave a thought and decided to support reconstructing the medical room with slab and set up a Air conditioner, if required.
What do I plan to do with the funds?
1) Reconstruction of medical room , which requires the demolition of the current rake shed room and reconstruct , the estimation is 1.5L.2) if it exceeds 1.5L , i plan to personally put
3) if there is a saving , I will buy AC for the room and Inverter


Q1. I want to support this cause, but how can i trust you?
Ans) All the bills, cost estimation will be uploaded in cloud and status will be shared.

Q2. How the status and cost estimation is shared and spent is communicated
Ans) Through Milaap, if Milaap agrees, we can have a open social group to update the status ( Facebook/Whats app etc)

Q3. Can i continue to help this organization?
Ans) This time , it is individual interest to help this organization. I will provide the details of the organization and contact details , please check for contact details and please do call them and visit

Q3. What is the address and contact details?

Prem Nivas Childrens Home
Puritipenta Colony off Mentada Rd, Gajapathinagaram, Andhra PradeshFacebook page
Google maps

Weblink: General report

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