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It burns a lot, Please support me in my treatment.
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"An electric shock just shook my whole life. I will never forget, I lost my dearest friend forever, and since then, I can't see my face in the mirror, and it hurts a lot deep inside when I step out of the house with this burnt face and arm. The scars on my body remind me of that deadly incident every moment. My life has become vulnerable. I don't want to live in this hell. God, please take me away. I can't bear this pain." Anuj Kumar is crying over his condition.

15-yrs-old Anuj's life has come to a halt after a tragic accident. Two years ago, while playing with his friends, one of his friends touched an electric pole and got electrocuted, due to which he died on the spot. Anuj Kumar touched him during the shock, and the current passed onto his body, leaving his body half burnt. He was admitted to the hospital for almost a month.

Even after two years, his condition is vulnerable. His face, one arm and leg are covered with burn marks. His ear is badly damaged, affecting his hearing ability to a great extent. He cannot eat, take a bath or perform any other activity on his own as he can't straighten his burnt arm. As he steps out in the sun, his face turns red with a burning sensation, and his eyes start tearing up. He is restless all night and constantly keeps changing sides. After borrowing from family and relatives, his parents have already spent enormous amounts on his treatment. They desperately need additional funds to support their child's treatment.

"I can never forget that day, two years ago, when doctors told me that it is impossible to save our son. It seemed like my world had ended. Finally, he survived but, due to lack of finances, we are unable to support his treatment. It pricks like a needle in my heart when relatives make fun of my child and taunt him by saying that your father cannot treat you. Everyone says several things but, no one is ready to help us. I am broken, paying back interest and hearing foul things from everyone. Only you can save my son. I will be grateful to you for life. Please help me." Anuj's helpless father requests help.

Raju, Anuj Kumar's father, is a labourer and, his mother Pinki is a housewife. It's challenging for Raju to feed his family every day. They are tired of paying back the interest on money they borrowed for Anuj's treatment. After so much struggle and barely paid interest, the amount is still pending. Pinki is depressed to see her child in such a weak state. It is so painful for her to see her child in pain. They are in urgent need of funds to end their child's suffering. Would you please lend a helping hand to these helpless parents?

"I wish I had a magic stick to heal my son. I cry in pain when children refuse to play with him. They ask him to mend his face. I die a death of shame and pain every day. Helplessly, I ask him to sit at home. In the end, he is a child and wishes to go out and play with other kids. I can't stop him. Please help my child. You are our only hope." Anuj Kumar's mother, crying over her child's condition.

It's heartbreaking to hear such stories of grief and pain. Anuj's mother could not control her tears when she told us how they couldn't recognize their child after this mishap. Children are the most precious assets for parents. It's challenging to imagine parents' pain who see their child suffer in front of their eyes. It's time to hear their cry for help and save Anuj's life.

"All night, I stare at the roof and think, Will I ever recover? Will my pain end? No one can ever understand my pain, and you can't even feel what it feels like to live a life like mine. I am burning from inside, and the burning sensation has taken away my happiness. I am in deep pain, and I request you to please save me. I want to live happily at least fulfil this wish" Anuj Kumar questions his fate.

No one should die or suffer due to a lack of funds. There is nothing precious than life. Now it's time to heal Anuj. Come forward and share your support for Anuj's treatment. Your support can bring health and happiness back to his life. Let's come together to get back Anuj's life and his confidence to face the world.

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