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Help me make my Ideas a Reality!
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    Visvanath Krishnamoorthy
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    Visvanath Krishnamoorthy

    from Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Who Am I?

Dear movie lovers, I'm Vishvanath Krishnamoorthy, 23 years old Visual communication Graduate from Chennai! I also finished great Filmmaking workshop from World Class Filmmaking Masterminds & Vancouver Film School's key people Mr.Michelle Baser & Mr.Peter Walsh!

I am a younger son of "Stitching Tailor" in the past. Recently my dad passed away in the road accident on 21/07/2018. So now I'm taking care of my family in my own Media Production company named "YOUNG INDIA FRAMES".

The people who has wealth, producing their own film. But the creative filmmaker who grew from poor family, how can produce their own film, even if they have winning script? It's really Life long struggle right? Ya! Actually, Bhagvath Geetha,Bible, Thiru Quran, Thirukural etc, already have enough Great Content to teach people about WHAT IS LIFE!

So I'm not here to teach the audience about what is life thru my film; But I'm fundamentally here to entertain the people by making commercial entertaining films! Ya, It's Complete a Romantic Comedy Genre!!!

JOIN US,CONTRIBUTE, SHARE, BECOME A FAN, and together we will make it happen! 

My Background!

I love the word,

"By born POOR is not your mistake, But if you die POOR, it totally your mistake!"

As of now I'm not rich financially! But I'm actually VERY RICH in my Creativity & Writing sense! Apart from my event business, the reason why I came to cinema is, it's my Top Notch Passion! Not for earning money really. I watch all language movies in First day, First show. Sometimes, I watch 3-4 movies in a day in theater. That kind of movie freak I'm!

As I've already performed as Stage Entertainer in some stages, I can easily guess what is audience pulse & how possibly I can make them being entertained! So my script also came thoroughly entertaining & new age commercial! Cute Romance & Laughing Riot Guaranteed!

My Past Cinema Experience!

I've worked as Associate Director in Most Sensational Tamil Short Film named "The Affair" which won many International awards!

I've also worked as Assistant Director in "VIU" app's "Nila Nila Odi Vaa" web series starring Ashwin Kakumanu & Sunaina in leads! It's india's first vampire tamil web series!

I've Directed a Short Film named "Untitled Kadhal" and released it in YouTube thru a Big Musical & Web Promotion company "DIVO"!

 I've also Finished Great Filmmaking Workshop from world class filmmaking masterminds & Vancouver Film School's key people Mr.Michelle Baser & Mr.Peter Walsh!

I've also associated as Creative Head in Writer Imaginations Film Production house for "Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Movie in Kerala!"
What Is The Biggest Challenge Of Debut Filmmakers?

Even though I have made everything ready for my successful debut Feature Film, when I go to familiar producers with the script to produce, they are already busy with some other films & I have to wait for years! Some other producers who heard the script after narration, they are asking high level category Hero & Heroine callsheets!

Unfortunately,for debut filmmakers, reaching big artists & narrating them became so hardest thing, as they are already so busy in many projects! But audience know very well that, to give blockbuster hit, Script is Much Important thing than Artists! Artists are like extra support only! So that I trust my audience who know the pain the making a film & here I came to this Crowdfunding concept to take off my successful debut Tamil Film Project!

Where There Are Failures?

Actually entertainment has evergreen huge market around the world! Especially films are most entertaining & enlightening medium! But why there are failures? Because,

1. Director& his team's greed about producer's money personally!

2. Wrong casting!

3.Sometimes Non-Commercial screenplay!

4.Negligence while film making leads to worst first copy!

5. Mostly producer's late financing (Lag in Production)!

Positively,we are very conscious & experienced young team who wants to prove ourselves to this society thru hitting cinema! I have very clear idea about from the beginning, filmmaking, to sell the film! But the biggest challenge that I'm going to face is that, to Reach this Crowdfunding Goal!

So every single Rupee that you are going to contribute to our young team is, so much helpful to motivate & support the youngsters to start successful film life Journey!

Regarding The Film & Our Production!

Script Work Finished!

Casting& Technicians details will be announced shortly once the Pre-Production work gets over!

Film's progress will be updated in "YOUNG INDIA FRAMES" facebook page often!

If the Film campaign doesn't meet the fixed goal, we will use the collected funds as Initial funding, and balance funds we will get from film financiers to finish the film.

"With the support of your trust & contribution, further we will support & produce good filmmakers and good scripts with our production company! Which means you are seeding great vision now!"

The total film campaign goal consists All kind of Taxes, Crowdfunding Website Charges, Pre-Production, Shooting Expenses, Post Production, Print & Publicity Cost& Releasing the Film!

By contributing the money, even it's a rupee, that means you are agreeing our terms & conditions in the above mentioned YouTube video link's description.

Why Should You Donate?

If you have watched at least one film in your life, then you came through some filmmaker's  big effort! Cinema is more toughest, highly struggling and most late process even for decades! Many people lost their life in cinema to get first opportunity! Because cinema won't give life to everyone! But it will give life to capable, genuine cinema lovers &talented humble technicians!

We are young, capable, more passionate, experienced, positive team who are ready to do anything for cinema! We gave our life only to cinema! So please don't make us too, to wait for decades to give a blockbuster debut film! Ya, your donation means a lot to us! Actually,

You may see it as "Donation", But we see it "Do(for)Nation!"
Yeah!! The Young Nation!!!

Other Ways You Can Help Us!

Some people just can't donate, but that doesn't mean that you can't assist! So, what can you do further? Get this proposal to your circle. Share the Link & Content! Share the proposal we put together! Tweet a word about it! ‘Like’ & 'Share'it in Facebook!

Use the sharing tools to spread the word in your all Social Media Platforms! Use exclamations!! Use more!!! Tell everyone you know about it!

Why should you do this as you are not related to me personally or officially?
Because,helping the right person at right time with your possible ways, will save you one day when you are actually in the need!

"பிறர்க்கின்னா முற்பகல் செய்யின் தமக்கின்னா
பிற்பகல் தாமே வரும்"

Which means, If a person inflict sorrow upon others in the morning, it will come upon them unsought in the very evening!

And the final thing I have to say from my bottom of my heart, Thank you, Thank you,Thank you! Thanks a tonn for your valuable time & concern in contribution!Now let's get this baby (FILM) to Born!
With deep Love, Hope & Respect,
Vishvanath Krishnamoorthy & Team

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