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    Vilayat Ali Abdalla Mukadam

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Many people especially from rural areas can't afford healthcare services even for their routine ailments due to the high rise in healthcare costs. Government hospitals are never well equipped
Many people prefer to die because of this. so it is necessary to provide those people at least regular primary facilities for health and then for other ailments.

Actually, the fact is that majority of people in rural areas at my place are poor. In our region, there is no source of income except going to metro cities and working over there.
Because of poverty, illiteracy, and lack of affordable medical facilities many people are suffering from many nutritional diseases, osteoporosis anemia which causes tremendous health effects. Diabetes, hypertension, and other major illnesses are also there
These poor people either can't afford expenses for proper diagnosis with the help of lab investigations or other methods. Even if they are diagnosed they cant continue treatment due to lack of money.
The ultimate result Is they are left to die.
Though most of the young people working in metros, they can't even afford to send money for their parent's medical problems.
Money people even cant do cataract surgery because of which they are alive blind.
Being part of a rural community as well healthcare provider, these problems are immensely known to me from the beginning

I cant provide free facilities to all. so need help.
I am going to start a clinic where at least day to day ailments will be treated free of cost and all necessary medicines will be provided. also wants to create necessary diagnostic facilities. To some extent, it has been already started.
Also, patients who will be scrutinized for necessary surgeries or further investigations and treatment will be treated with the help of hospitals.
Basic necessary surgeries will be get done.
The problem is these people can't afford healthcare facilities at private healthcare institutions on hand while govt healthcare facilities are very much insufficient.

 Ali Abdalla Mukadam: 
1)approximate daily OPD expected 50.
Out of which 30 patient on an average will require only  medicines and injectable etc. average expenses for the same per patient(including antibiotics, cough syrup antifungal, ointment, etc) will be Rs 200...hence 200 ×30 =6000
Average 10 patient will require iv fluid etc .average expenses Rs 300 . So 300 ×10=3000
Average 10 patients will require lab investigation and /or admission or referral to hospital .average expenses will be 500.hence 500 x10=5000.
So daily expenses will be about 6000+3000+5000=14000Rs
Average working days in a month 25
Hence 25 ×14000=350000 Rs per month.
And 350000×12=42000000 for 12 months.

2)purchasing and maintaining equipment for a lab or diagnostic facility.
The average requirement is about 500000.

3)appointing and maintaining necessary staff

A) initially only one doctor is sufficient. as I am from the healthcare field, I will work without any remuneration and will also get help from other doctors .so there is no need to appoint a doctor and hence no expenses.
B) Appointment of nurse ,clerk ,or assistant (atleast two).average salary of both 10,000 per month.hence 10000×12= 120000 for 12 months.

4)average expenses on rent,electricity,biowaste disposable,cleaning etc per month.5000 so 5000 ×12= 60000 for 12 months.

5) on an average 4 to 5 patient may require referral services .expenses for further treatment in the hospital will be 10000×4=40000 so 40000×12=480000

6)providing financial assistance. for surgeries or other emergencies. average per month.4 ×10000=40000 for month.480000 for a year

7)regular medicines expenses.1000× 10 = 10000 for month.
120000 for years

8) other expenses. traveling or stationary etc.50000 for a year
Total expenses for one year=approximately

 Ali Abdalla Mukadam: So approximate expenses will be Rs 60 lack for the first year.
Out of which we will be able to arrange 10 lac.
Need 50 lac.
This is for the first year.
Till next year we may be able to raise funds from other sources or we may be able to generate our revenue by other means.
At least initial funding of one year is necessary.
So that meanwhile we may able to manage further.

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