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Support The Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) Rajasthan
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Hey! Friends, here we will see the situation of our environmentally affected animals and birds in India, even
we can say about the whole world. The thing is that we have
the life of each animal in the world , save the need to know the price . As we
have seen an initiative or step towards making birds and animals clean and hygienic by helping to improve them . An initiative was taken
by the people to provide clean drinking water for animals and birds
throughout the year .
The Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP) in India was founded by Laxman Molletti, who produced
3.75 lakhs to make 2,500 bowls.Have spent, which went for free delivery.
The water bowl project is a mission to quench the thirst of stray animals and birds that enrich the
surrounding environment.
The water bowl project is 20 years old and around 200 bowls are supplied to the city of Bangalore.
The unintentional benefits of this project not only make people around it
more aware of the issue , but also increase more love between animal and human relationships.
100% dogs in a neighborhood where a WBpatron is virtually sterilized and provides
clean water to animals . The number of bird deaths due to dehydration and other
infections is almost zero.
The water bowl project is a small initiative but helped to tackle more problems related to birds
and animals , congestion in our cities and loss of birds and small animals (squirrels etc.) and animals with
insects (butterflies, dragonflies) who have their own
The surroundings do not have access to clean drinking water and take advantage of safe water to ensure their health and survival.
Stray animals were adopted and
vaccinated and cared for in many small shops, lonely homes and apartment complexes .
Basics of thinking: -
  •  India is in a position to provide adequate support for animals and birds for their food availability and water bowl conservation.
  •  As we know, water is a primary requirement of every organism for their survival and our bodies are made up of large amounts of water.
  • Water is the basic requirement of all organisms on earth, it is important food for all organisms and we must take care of animals and ensure that they are getting good care.
  • Animals and birds also go through many skin problems as we humans do dehydration, skin infections etc., because animals die quickly and suffer from many chronic diseases due to this condition.
  • Animals and birds do not understand the difference between clear and polluted water and do not drink safe water. Therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that all animals are getting safe water for at least drinking.
  • We should think more about animals and birds, we are better species, if they cannot take care of themselves then we have to take initiative.
  • All stray dogs and other animals go through severe illness due to our ignorance and birds go through, they drink water from wherever they are or dirty water from the roads, and we do not bother much. This is a very serious matter and we all should take care of it.
  • Animals and birds get various skin infections and diseases due to dirty water like dysentery, arsenicosis, cholera etc., so this is an important issue for us. 
  • I hope that in the future more people will take initiative for the survival of birds and animals, we are doing our best to ensure that, our small contribution in giving clean water to animals and availing good food is also in their lives. Will be very important in saving
  • We are doing our best to provide healthy surroundings to these animals so that they are less affected by diseases and eventually they will provide a better environment for us.
  • We are trying our best to give clean water bowls to all animals, as well as support them.
  • Birds also drink dirty water which affects their health, we are reaching more and more animals and birds to protect people from health hazards.
  • Our emotions are more associated with these unique species or animals and birds. Like humans because of their unimpeachable caliber, they do not demand anything, even if they are in different places of nature in a sustainable way. However, it is our duty to help them.
● Put a BOWL of Water near your area like in parks and your street and roof with
● FEED the Birds and Animals in your capacity like spread some rice, bajra,chana
etc.,where you can easily do this. And for animals, give them your extra food which you
left in your kitchen to be rotten.
● Adopt an Animal if you can.
● Speak for the help and care of Animals and Birds.
● Plant trees for each and every animal, and place some nests for birds.
● Choose vegetarian food rather than non-veg.
1. The vision of this project is to ensure the health and betterment for the stray animals and
birds, they are wandering around everywhere in search of water and food.
2. So the Our aim is to provide bowls of free cost to all the animal lovers.
3. To solve the drinking water problem for stray animals. We have to bridge the gap and
make people more educated on this matter and sensitize them to be a part of this
organisation and avail more free bowls of water to the stray animals and birds.
4. The concrete water bowls which are free of cost of production are INR100 and money is
raised by crowdfunding and residents' welfare associations.

5. The terracotta water bowls/birdbaths targeted towards apartment dwellers and terraces
of big companies and money is charged between INR300 and INR1000.
6. Many programs are arranged in schools, colleges, and parks to raise awareness and
raise more funds to ensure the lives of these animals and birds.
7. This project has impacted many people across the globe and now impacted India.
8. Everyone should encourage other people to help more of these stray animals and birds
who are in need and give them shelter, water, and food, this will help in increasing the
interaction between humans and animals.
● Our Mission has successfully distributed thousands of bowls in summers.
● More people can contribute their parts by funding and volunteering in helping these
animals and birds.
I`m Vikash from Rajasthan and let us tell you all this purpose, we also want to join this campaign and support it as much as possible Because the summer temperature in Rajasthan is 47 to 50 Degree Celsius, in which we want to put water bowl for maximum animals and birds. Even a small part given by you can save the life of an animal bird.
If you liked this project, please come forward to support me.

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