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Help Transmen in Hyderabad Stuck in Crisis Situations
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    Transgender Community

    from Hyderabad, Telangana


I know if you are here you must empathise and support this marginalised community.

This pandemic has proved to be more fatal towards the marginalized communities, among whom the transgender community is facing a more catastrophic situation. This community was already on the brink of vulnerability and invisibility as most of them earned their basic income through their daily occupation and this daily flow of income solely on which they survive has been put at risk due to this calamity.

Above that, there are several people who face discrimination, violence in families, molestation and several other atrocities that we can’t even imagine.
Among the gender minorities, Gender Assigned females at birth (transmen/transmasculine persons) are the most marginalized and excluded communities in India. The community's issues are far different than the male-born sexual and gender minorities and have been provided with very little focus in the national and state policies. 

Transmen community at the community level the community members are facing severe violence and torture right from the family till they come out openly to lead their life independently, to address the specific needs of the transmen communities STAR was formed with a purpose to provide holistic support to transmen community members in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
The organization is currently implementing the following activities-
  • Advocacy with the government to ensure attention and accommodate under the social security schemes. Inclusion of transmen requirements under the state TG policy
  • Community Education on SRS/Gender Affirmation Procedures and Hormone therapy
  •  Public awareness and sensitisation of law enforcement agencies
  • Networking and alliance building with other transmen groups, progressive movements and supportive rights organisations.
 Why the transgender community needs your immediate help?
  • Most people of the transgender community are not accepted by their family members and they are thrown out of their houses, they become homeless with no food or shelter.
  • The people of the Transgender Community lack government-issued identity cards, the reason for which they are denied every social benefit.
  • Most of the time the community faces discrimination in workplaces which breaks them down mentally and emotionally and due to the pandemic most people have lost their jobs which were their source of income.
  • Daily earners like food stall workers, drivers have lost their way to earn daily wages and have no money even to buy food to fill their stomachs.
  • Most trans-persons live in isolation and it is difficult for them to access support from nearby people/NGOs or access any other kind of social support system.
Siddanth (name changed), a transman, had been thrown out of his house and family due to his gender identity. He currently stays with his life partner in the small city of Karimnagar. Before Covid-19 broke out he was working in a small shop but due to the lockdown, he has no job and no income. He does not have food to eat, he cannot buy his necessities and is harassed by the house owners for rent. While speaking he said, "We have been surviving on rice for more than a month, we have no money for necessary medicines and ration and every daily need. In this time of need, we collected money among ourselves and provided him with 3 months of ration.
Another transman (name changed) Shiv From Hyderabad. He ran away from his home when he told about himself in the family, he was beaten up, was put under the lock and was harassed to live and behave like a girl. He somehow escaped from the home and contacted us. We provided him support legally and financially to stabilize him. Now he is working as a staff in a fitness centre.
These are some common stories among the Transgender Community. We as an organisation want to create a sustainable solution and support system for our Transmen in Hyderabad.

We want to Start a Community Shelter Home CUM Skill Development Centre so that people in crisis can come here and live until they find a job and can live a life with dignity. We also want to start a helpline number which is available for all India Groups so that people in crisis can contact us and support can be provided urgently.

We are a small organisation and we just have started working, we have proved ourselves without any monetary support. Now for supporting our community we want to bring sustainable and feasible solutions. For this, we are in need of funds and support from all of you to come forward and support this important cause.
I am a Kiran Nayak B Transmen with a disability with several communities of marginalized people, a transgender activist and artist from Karnataka in India. Through our organization, STAR  started In 2019, I intend to use these funds to help the transman community who desperately need your help now.

We seek your generosity during these trying times. Each donation, irrespective of the amount, means a lot to this community struggling for sustenance during these unprecedented times.
 Sr No            Support Needed                          Monthly        Yearly       Total for 2 Years

1     Rent/Shelter support per person                 3000             36000           72000
2.    Ration & medicine/hygiene kit
           support per person                                     2500            30000            60000
3.   Emergency/crisis support helpline                  3000            36000            72000
4.   Skill Development Support                             4000            48000            96000
5.    Administrative Support                                   5000           60000          1,20,000

                                                   Total                  17,500/       2,40,000       4,80,000

Contact us for Any More Information
+91 997220384
Facebook: Startransmencbo
Instagram: star_cbo

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