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Hello Everyone
I am Deepa from Pune Maharahstra. I am working for adolescent girls from slums of Pune city as a Project Head at NGO Niramay. Also a fellow of Orikalankini’s Ecofeminism Annual Fellowship.
As a part of the fellowship I am working on eco-friendly solutions for health and hygiene  by creating a group of Environment & Aarogya Sakhi Group, the team of all the adolescent girls from the slums. 
35% of slum dwellers are using common toilets and many studies has proved that common toilets are the major cause of spread of contagious diseases. The garbage bins are overflowing creating unhealthy condition for the lives in slums. Most of the women toilets do not have separate bins for disposal of sanitary pads and women do not have habits to dispose it in proper way. They mostly throw openly in the road side bins or in the toilet pits. All these habits leads to hazards to the environment by contaminating the water sources. As stated by Mahatma Fule if a girl is educated , she will educate the whole family. Following this diction, I have decided to take help of the adolescent girls from the slums who will learn the eco-friendly way of living life and will also spread the message to their  peers. Hence the project “Environment & aarogya Sakhi”
Various  sessions related with eco- friendly habits are organized as a part of the fellowship program.  Apart from all these peer educators more number of adolescent girls will be participating in the program.  The sessions will include the training about “How to make Red Dot Envelop for disposal of sanitary pads”, “How to make Cloth Pad”,”How to make Tippy Tap Hand washing Unit”, “Separation of Dry and Wet Garbage and using compost for Kitchen Garden”, "Making of Solar Dome Light" and many more environment friendly activities and learning. The aim is to bring changes in the behavior pattern of these adolescent girls.
Economy  & women :
From families of  social classes, caste and religion, women are the person who are supoose to run the house whether she is earning or not. She has to manage all the expenses required to fulfill the daily needs of the family. In case of women from slums, the economical condition is always seen to worst. Women has to earn, do the house hold work, but they don’t have right on their own earned money. All the earning is spent for fulfilling the needs. To fulfill the demands of the family members , most of them are more than 10 hours a day. Still can not save a little , the hip of loan goes increasing day by day. Hence can not think of the need of saving for their healthy life. Looking towards the observations of many researchers, decided to run a program on “Economy and Women”.
The field workers are also the slum dwellers and need to be trained with the economical know how.  These all are from low economical background and most of them are the only earning person from their families. A special training program on “Economy, family budget and woman” is planned for the training of women  about “the Different ways of Savings,  How to Manage Budget of their family and How to increase the savings”.
These all sessions will be conducted with the help of experts from the related fields.  For all these sessions we need support from well wishers of society to raise the funds for the noble cause.
The approximate cost of the activities involved will be as follows:
  • For the activities of Adolescent girls : Rs.600 per person for 50 such girls is approximately Rs.30,000.00 (Will be used directly for the training material for solar dome light)
  • For the women field workers Rs.35000.00  (Out of which Rs.25000.00 will be benefited for the participants and Rs.10000.00 will be paid as the charges of the facilitators)
Total amount required the project is approximately Rs. 65000.00 (Rs. Sixty five thousand only) + 2% charges of crowd funding channel. Hence total expected financial support for the project will be approximately Rs.66,300.00
I request to spread the information in the entire network you are connected with and help me to spread the Message of Healthy and Hygienic Habits through the whispering campaign of adolescent girls and women field workers.

Deepa Kulkarni
Email : deepajoshikulkarni@gmail.com
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