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    This fundraiser will benefit

    those who lack equitable access to menstrual products

    from Lucknow and surrounding areas


Help us raise funds to distribute reusable cotton pads to those who can't afford to purchases quality period products!

Each set of pads costs Rs. 400, and includes:
• 5 reusable cloth pads (4 regular, 1 overnight)
• a use and care guide
• a canvas pouch for storing them

The pads are made in a convenient foldable design that, when opened, resembles a handkerchief and can be hung out to dry without drawing attention. When properly cared for, they can last a minimum of 2 years. 

Upon reaching our goal of Rs. 4,00,000, we will be able to purchase and distribute 1000 sets of pads.

Why raise money for this?
Access to quality menstrual products is not a luxury. It's a basic necessity. Yet, all across India (and the globe), millions lack access to period products that are health-friendly and appropriate for their needs. The cheapest options available are often of poor quality, and can result in rashes, irritation, and infection. For many, the recurrent monthly cost is simply more than they can afford. This is further compounded by the stigma and shame surrounding menstruation, which forces many to hide their cloths and prevents them from washing and drying them properly. This is further compounded by the shame and stigma that surround menstruation.

What is Pad and Prejudice?
Pad and Prejudice is a project that aims to normalize conversation around menstruation and menstrual health, as well as address the lack of equitable access to quality menstrual products. We are three friends and colleagues who believe strongly that every person who menstruates has the right to understand their natural monthly cycle, to bleed free of shame and stigma, and to use and have access to health-friendly, eco-friendly period products.

During the lockdown last year, when pads became scarce and unavailable in pharmacies, and millions lost their jobs, we began searching for ways to support menstruators who were hardest hit by the pandemic. It started with a video, teaching how to sew-your-own pads at home with old clothes. We then approached Didi's Creations, a local social enterprise that provides sustainable livelihoods for women, to work with us in mass-producing reusable cotton pads at a reasonable cost. Over the last 6 months, they have provided us with 400 sets for distribution. We aim to increase our outreach and continue our work until every person who menstruates has unobstructed access to the period product of their choice, and can bleed without being made to feel ashamed of their bodies.

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