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Join Hands for a Clean and Green Bengaluru!
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We are a young and enthusiastic team of students who wish to transform Nature and Society through small and humble initiatives involving the Clean and Green domain using Education as the tool of accomplishment.
We wish to send out a humble message of conservation of Nature and believe in the upliftment and holistic development of the so called downtrodden.
Our initiatives involve education and training to charitable organisations like orphanages-where we aim to transform at the grass root level.
The main utilization of funds will be for the eradication of plastic and proper waste management,its ground work and implementation.
A part of the fund-base will be utilized for the planning and implementation of the education initiatives of our organisation which is carried out in trusted and popular orphanage homes.
The activities will be conducted through November and will be actively pursued ,after January 2019.
Fund utilization will be used for procuring items necessary for the clean and green activities and for the education initiative implementation involving curriculum design, practical experiments design, stationery equipment, raw material for student project work and many more to enable the holistic development and Nature and Society.
Fund utilization:
The main areas in which the organisation will be focusing are:
1)Clean and Green Activities supporting Mother Nature.
2) Empowerment through education(Government and non governmental schools)
3) Social Welfare schemes aiming at the holistic development of children (mainly focusing on the orphanage homes)

When we say we want to help Nature; is out of the rising concerns on pollution levels and taking simple and DIY(do it yourself) steps , involving the community and bringing together experts in saving the bit from our side.
The means:
1)Swacchatha drives: Where in the team chooses an ugly spot and cleans it, with community support.
Requirements:Paints(exterior costing approximately INR 150-200/litre)
Quantity depends on the dimensions of the area selected ...generally require more than 10 litres.
Rollers and disposable gloves for handling the paints.
2) Plantation drives:The team undertakes various plantation drives aiming for the increase in green cover in and around the city.
Requirements: Saplings costing INR 10, depending on the size.
JCB(Earth movers)hire cost for 1 hr -INR 800(for digging the pits for plantation... generally 20/hour)
We undertake plantation drives of 500+ Saplings depending on locality and permission.
Digging equipment cost accompany.
3) Social-welfare schemes:
Here part of the fund is given as donation for food expenses in the orphanage home.(Varying from INR 2000 and above)

The team basically plans in campus activities for the academic and extracurricular model.The children are exposed to various kinds of skill training and talent exploration in the form of arts and crafts.
We are aiming to bring in project-level events where the student can come up with an innovative idea complying with their academic level and present the same.This initiative is aimed at improvisation of the individual's presentation skills and experimental skills which is planned to trigger their curious mind.
4)Plastic eradication:
In this initiative which we are preparing the project plan; we wish to setup a plastic recycling unit which can be harmlessly used with point(1) above.
The plastic will be cast into different articles required for various other projects from our team.
General approximate cost of the unit:Starting from INR 1 lakh.
5)Empowerment through education:
Following up on our point(3) the same will be implemented across Government schools and un-aided schools.
We wish to design a suitable and friendly curriculum along with the existing system and train the students on the lines of Education-Skill-Livelihood.
Basic Stationery requirements for 10 schools come to around INR 5 lakh.(as per latest considerations for all stationery required)
Alternate cost-cutting arrangements such as donors giving us the requisite materials to accomplish the project, is on the edge.
Certificate cost: INR 5 per certificate(10 schools, we will be involving minimum 350 students per school)
6)Community Composting:
Following up on our points (1) and (2), we aim to complete the cycle of what we take from Nature goes back to Nature.
The main motive is to reduce the amount of wet waste generated by the city through dry leaves and flowers on the streets(shred by the trees along the roads).
Main requirements:
1)Shredding machine: To shred the leaves into fine particles to enable faster composting.
2) mixer machine: To mix the dung manure and the shred together.
Biodegradable/Gunny bags to put the final end product.
Machine Approximate cost: INR 50,000
The above will also accompany infrastructure cost.
3) Compost bins: For allowing compost process with the mixer end product.
For more info:
Visit- The official Website of Team Hasiru
The main thought of having an aggressive campaign for Nature, is the striking importance and its need of the hour.
We aim to turn the tide of atrocities away from Mother Nature.
Help us in our Campaign!
Please feel free to contact us through our website for further detailed information on the above points and involvement in our volunteer activities.

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