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Sundarbans Rebuilding Program
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When the lockdown started on 21st March a group of individuals got together to support and help multiple organisations in helping those in need.
This group of like-minded individuals decided to formalise and take this forward seriously and formed a group rebuild lives in Sundarbans.

In the last 3 months we have achieved the following
1. Provided cooked meals to 800 individuals every day since March 21 till June 6 at Anandpur Area.
2. Provided dry rations to over 2000 families for a week
3. Helped 40+ migrant labours move back to their hometowns
4. Provided & distributed cooked food to over 400+ dogs and still continuing through our sister organisation Wagamuffins  Foundation.
5. Post Amphan we shifted our focus to the desperate needs of Sundarbans and have thereon
a) Provided dry rations to 400 families at Madhabkati, Sardarpara & Malekan Ghumti
b) Provided tarpaulins to 200+ families at MAdhabkati & Malekan Ghumti
c) Provided dry rations to 150 families at Rupamari
d) Emptied, Cleaned, disinfected 10 community ponds at Malekan Ghumti
e) Provided dry rations, clothes & tarpaulins to 300 families for two weeks at Kultali
e) Our team is living and working on ground with long terms to rebuild one village at a time focusing on Malekan Ghumti, Madhabkati & Sardarapa as per the following plans

This group of like-minded individuals decided to formalise and take this forward seriously and formed a group rebuild lives in Sundarbans.

For reading about our past work and projects please log on to after the  15th June 2020 ,

                                        REBUILD SUNDARBANS PROJECT
( Click on village name to see exact location)

Malekan Ghumti

Ground Situation
         Total Number of families :- 
  • Who have been affected by Amphan -  2200 families
  • Needing immediate support with food- 600 families
  • Whose homes are extensively damaged -  900 families
  • Whose livelihoods depended on fish farming -  2200 families
  • Whose livelihood depended on farming  -  2200 families
  • who are dependent on community ponds for water – 1600 families
Based on ground information we have prepared a 4 month plan for the above villages at an estimated total cost outlay of a minimum of Rs. 25,00,0000/- and upwards depending on ground realities during further verification processes


Prathama - Stage 1 - Immediate

( Will be a Present Progressive effort till we can address all the problems and recurrent problems as and when they come up with regards to the following relief measures)

  • Food for those in desperate need
  • Personal and Public Disinfectants & Hygiene
  • Tarpaulins for Temporary shelter homes for monsoons
  • Repair Embankments
  • Pump out Saline water & Clean Community Ponds

Ditiya - Stage 2 - Ongoing

( Will be as per individual cases identified and addressed to individually )

1. Rebuild homes as cyclone resistant home for the poorest of the poor on a case to case basis to survive the monsoons and thereon the winters
2. Distribute Fish fingerlings first to individual pond owners to ensure they have a regular source of food for themselves and small earning from selling
3. Map and create gradient map of entire region to plan for a permanent water disposal / purification and storage system. For future floods
4. Salinity resistant Seed distribution to poor farmers
5. Afforestation on the river banks to protect the embankments in another Amphan type situation
Detailed plan and costing of all immediate activities


There are around 600 families who are living right on the river bank whose homes & livelihoods are completely destroyed. They are struggling to claw back to life and need every bit of support we can offer. Be it Rupomari or Malekan Ghumti or the Sundarbans side of Kultali , these families are living under temporary tarpaulins held up by bamboos. With the advent of monsoons any hope if rebuilding homes will be difficult if not impossible . The water may not recede as well in some areas for those who have proper houses but are unable to go back for fear of flooding.As of now there are some organisations serving cooked but as we also saw during covid-19 response but towards the fag end this was stopped despite no other available means of food or employment for those availing these benefits. We fear the same for these poor people ravaged by nature's fury and with no near solution at hand. We are preparing for a stop gap arrangement of 2 weeks at least to ensure no one goes hungry amongst those who most need it .

Items in packet

Rice 2kgs
Dal 500 gms
Oil 250 gms
Candles 7 piece
Matchbox 5 boxes
Masala 1 packet of each
Mosquito Coils 7 pieces
Sanitary pads 2 packets

No of packets : 600 per week for two weeks.

Cost of Food Packets for two weeks: Rs.300000/-
approximately for food packets as per list above.


All families need the following as with Amphan and the movement of so many people from the city to interior areas as well return of migrant labourers Covid will finally hit Sundarbans hard. Apart from those living right at the edge of riverside a lot of houses of families who were struggling to make ends meet were completely destroyed. They have no means of income nor a safe roof above their heads as of now. We have mapped as of now 900 families .
  1. Sodium Hypochlorite 900 litres / 1 litre per family per month/
  2. Food grade disinfectant 900 litres / 1 litre per family per month
  3. Sanitiser for all 900 litres/ 1 litre per family per month
  4. Reusable cloth masks 4000 pieces / 4-5 pieces per family
  5. Solar Lights per home. 900 pieces / 1 piece per family
  6. Mosquito Nets per home 900 pieces / 1 piece per family
Total cost of ensuring personal hygiene :Rs. 8,00,000/-

Of the 2500 + families living across these areas everyone's houses have been damaged extensively. Most have repaired their houses or have received some material from different NGOS .Despite having received some help from us and as well as other NGO they need cover all four sides of their houses apart from the roof to protect from the rains as thats all they have to be safe during the monsoons. After further recon we have mapped 900 houses which need tarpaulins in totality amongst all these areas.

No. Of Tarpaulins - 900 Pieces of 18ftx12ft
Cost per Tarpaulin- 450 approx
Total Cost of Tarpaulins - Rs. 405000/-

4. Repair Embankments

This needs further study as has to be routed through government agencies.

We can help instantly by donating towards the efforts in areas where the embankment needs our help the mosts
Non Woven GeoTextile Jute Bags

No. of Bags - 2000
Cost per Bag - Rs. 50/-
Total Cost for supporting repairiembankments : Rs. 1,00,000/-
5. & 6. Empty, Desalinate and Disinfect Ponds
We have already completed this for 7 community ponds which will now enable 350+ families to avail of fresh water once monsoons set it .
Further to empty individual ponds cost of total estimated project : Rs. 1,00,000/-
Ditiya - Stage 2 – Ongoing
We are yet to map costs

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