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Help The Mission To Make A Peaceful And Happy World
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    Dr K A Raveesh
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    Swamy Nath Jee

    from Dadar, Maharashtra


         World is crippled by more dangerous diseases than cancer and coronavirus : namely religion, caste and cultural intolerance, countries/ states and rich/ poor inequalities. The damage caused by them are countless. One man Swami Nath Jee has set out to change this and make our world a beautiful place to live, by setting Gurukuls,Lecturing people , breaking the boundaries and reinforcing the goodness of humanity and  helping the needy .

       What every man yearns for is Peace and Happiness, but are we living in a peaceful world ? We may be afraid of Cancer etc but such diseases kill one man at a time, but the world is suffering from many more social evils and Humanity is divided by religion, caste,culture, country / states and rich/ poor inequalities, which have killed Lakhs of people. These numbers outnumber those deaths due to cancer. Cultural differences make fellow humans our enemies, so are people from different countries and states. War, Riots and Terrorism has taken Lakhs of lives in the last 100 years. The rat race for Superiority is also causing many conflicts. In the name of religion man is cutting each other and making this place a real Hell.

        Nowadays A man is born a Human but dies as a citizen of a nation or as a person of a particular religion or by some other division name or tag. The root cause of this is in our minds .

       Swami Nath Jee , a humble  dynamic person ,is working for World goodness.He doesn't believe in religion, caste creed or any other differences.He looks at man as a human being. He is able to do so because he looks at it not from the ground level but from a higher plane. Our earth occupies a small insignificant place in our Universe.When we look at our Galaxy our earth is not even seen , It’s only when we see our Planetary System , that our Earth is seen as a  small but  beautiful globe with no boundaries of countries. He doesn’t like Earth to be shattered into pieces, based on nations,religion,politics etc. He wants to unite them.For even if a small difference exists, it will sow the seeds for the next war.Men need to be seen as plain human beings.He works for mankind and Nature. He believes that if we train young Minds and make them  healthy minds,  it will result in a beautiful world. There's no Hell or Heaven,it’s all  in our Mind.We should work for men and thrive to unite them.

         He has been lecturing in many states of India for this cause. After discussion with many people , thousands of them agree that this concept is good. Everyone wants such a world without boundaries and differences but no one is coming forward to take the initiative. He is not a part of any NGO. He is a single man leading the fight against the system.

 So How to bring the change ?

         You would agree that our present education system has failed terribly.Parents spend lakhs of rupees in schooling and tuitions and even after spending 20 - 25 years in schools and colleges, students are neither  e2+confident,mentally or physically strong nor practically ready for any industry. Also most lack any entrepreneurship qualities.He plans to start Gurukuls at different locations in India and other countries.These Gurukuls are to be located away from cities, close to nature.The curriculum will not focus on byhearting things, but will focus on practical aspects of life.Study hours will be around 2-3 hours so that children don't see it as a burden and the curriculum will be the same everywhere. Apart from 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) , Science,Martial Arts, Farming, Trades, Vocational Science will be taught.They will be fit for becoming Scientists, Tradesmen and lead an independent life, not dependent on anyone.They will not hunt for Jobs. Focus will be to develop his inner mental and intellectual strengths. Over-reliance on gadgets and instruments will be discouraged as they tend to make humans dependent. By setting new Gurukuls of affordable fees, what he intends to do is create young children which are not only proficient in science but in character as well as be  well cultured. The child  should be Self Reliant , ready for Entrepreneurship and free from Social Evils and see human being as a human being, so that when he returns home he should be an obedient child, a successful entrepreneur, a self reliant independent person and a very good WORLD citizen. These Gurukuls will act as role models for other schools , so that every other school eventually converts to this Gurukul system of education.

         He wants to lecture in different parts of India and the world, to make people aware of this concept and remove the hatred from their minds, as any war or conflict first starts in the minds of people.If you have an audience of more than 50 he would be happy to lecture for free anywhere.You can contact me for the same.
All this needs money. So the  need for this fundraising. This man has already started his mission and I am sure in only one year, surely he will influence and change the world.  

          I have personally helped Swamy Nath Jee and his cause and I am now reaching out to seek support from everyone through this platform.If you feel that this Cause is worth it for the mankind and earth and needs attention and if you feel that Swamy Nath Jee is a right person to achieve this, then and only then,  please do donate and be a part of this endeavour to heal our world and make it a happier place to live in. Every penny donated will be accounted for.

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