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Please Support Leprosy People For Their Livelihood
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    Society For Welfare Of Leprosy Patients And Rural Development
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    Support leprosy People For Their Livelihood

    from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu


SWLPRD is an NGO registered charity meant for leprosy help organization started in 1992  registered No 308/1992  Mr.Alagesan is a chief executive SWLPRD’S board members are 7 in number. I am Santhosh Kumar President of SWLPRD and our Founder K.Alagesan, aged 57, Social worker for 40 years for the rights of Leprosy Victims across Tiruvannamalai.  

     SWLPRD wishes to introduce the organization and place before you small request for the welfare of the leprosy victims, for your kind consideration. It is a voluntary organization envisaged by the lepers themselves to work for the development of leprosy victims. It is with great respect and high regards to you and with a firm hope our organization submits this small request.

      The most ill-treated, socially discriminated and dirtiest human beings across the globe are the lepers. Here in the context of the area where the organization serves, due to the lack of proper knowledge about this disease, the people believe this disease to be a curse and punishment from God for their since. As the nature of the disease is to distort, all the external organs like nose, ears, hands legs and sexual organs etc… the victims have an ugly appearance. As the puss from the wounds gives a foul smell, the people hate them and discriminate them to the utmost level. Due to the non-acceptance and intolerance of the society, the lepers live in faraway places form the society where they do not have any access to even for their basic needs such as safe drinking water, market and transports.
The society does not even allows them to draw drinking water from the public well for the people treat them as the most dirtiest and untouchable in the society. The lack of access for safe drinking water makes them to drink any contaminated water and become more prone to all kinds of water-born diseases like jaundice and many others. They are also not allowed to use the public latrines, so the land next to their huts becomes the open defecation place for them. This kind of defecation increases the chance of spreading many contagious diseases.  Area where the organization serves is very rural and interior; the main occupation of the people here is agriculture. As the lepers have distorted physique, they cannot strain their body too much, so they cannot work hard and so the people do not employ them. So the lepers go for begging which is the only way left for them for livelihood and few lepers do the most degrading act of cleaning the human waste in the towns. Along with mental distress of social discrimination, earning the daily bread for them and for the family makes their life very pathetic. So this organization was instituted with aim of feeding them and giving them a peaceful life. As cleaning the human waste and begging is not a respectable profession and this also is not a sustainable source of income for them.

This organization is feeding them for the past 30 years. Our concentration goes with Tiruvannamalai district. With die functed distorted hands legs ulcer wounds saliva sweating many patients is not fit for hard work so to begging us their last part of survival. Looking their ugly appearances the value based society reject in all forms of life. No private clinic considers their cry. Government hospital are too far to their reach fear of dog bite and stone pelting of children they fear for move about long way, many leprosy older people are crippled and stick up on bed young boys and girls hesitates to reveal their sorry part fearing on the value based society. This is the actual picture of people across Tiruvannamalai district.

         In every village they dead ones are cremated and burred in separate places. Seeing their social rejection, cry for living we had oriented them at our centre and asked for their life line in which a total of 30 leprosy patients aspired for Milk Cow they can manage with the support of husband and grown up children.Since the policy of SWLPRD is the original need should emerge from the side of beneficiaries should not be ours, based on the expressed decision we would like to act up on.


       Providing them with a Milk Cow support to run their family with self reliant environment. The Milk Cow project involves latest sager line of appointment of monitoring committee with in their community they will assist the beneficiaries to buy good Milk Cow. Contracting veterinary Doctor, Insurance authorities to claim the actual amount of when the asset (Milk Cow) happened to be death. Mandatory requirement of requesting the Doctor to pay tentative   scheduled monthly visit to assist the beneficiaries to be on line.

         The project staff involves fodder management dry fodder and concentration, staff salary, Co-Coordinator salary, as the staffs should go around 30 beneficiaries living some villages which are located 5 kilometers distanced each other our office. Hope we have summarized all the inputs of the project kindly do look in to our need and shed your tears on our cause. This project lights a lamp in the life of socially rejected uncared leprosy people by changing their life environment (begging) in to decent and dignified life through the accrued income of Milk Cow.

       Based on the conviction we put in the project and place to your kind perusal to show mercy and prayerful support. Kindly do accept and acknowledge us with your financial approval. Advance thanks for the support to be extended. It is very kindly submitted requesting financial assistance to extend secured and fearless life situation of men and women  who are in vulnerable life situation admitting the real life of our beneficiaries please do show your mercy which will remove than from worst kind of human rights violation and provide them dignified face lift, decent life. The beneficiaries will smile the rolling smile turned tears will become as blessing, prayers to your mission vision and yeomen service it would be motherly touch, miracle as the 74 years of Indian Independence have not done so.

      The project speaks about the most pressing need of Leprosy today that is health need. We have furnished every details of project in depth and present you in the form of nut shell. Kindly do show your mercy on our unfortunate people who born to live but discriminate by the value based society.  With due reverence and regards we wind up the brief intro to your kind perusal and thanking you in the mean time. We are confident that God will hear our humble payers and inspire your hearts to redeem us from our sufferings. With your financial support we promise to shape our life pattern for promising future May be you must have been helping the poor and the needy.
And also we want to Provide them Education, Monthly expenses  like Groceries and Medicines .

The total cost of the whole year would be Rs.14 lakhs

Live stock development training in the areas of Purchase of good and healthy Cow Rearing dewarming, insemination insurance Coverage under animal life insurance periodical Medical claiming actual money from animal life Insurance,
book keeping, sharing profit, money Management crisis management
etc., on Assertiveness of 4 days. 

30 Leprosy beneficiaries
4 days x 200 per head cost included resource  Material person and
working lunch Refreshment 4X30X200                                        =  RS  24,000

Construction of Cow Shed @ RS 5,000 Each X 30
with muddy walls, coconut Leaf thatching and
rough cemented floor.                                                                  = RS  1, 50,000

Milk Cow 30 Leprosy Patients @ RS 30,000                                 = RS  9,00,000

Animal life insurance RS 1,800 per Animal X 30 Milk Cow,
veterinary Doctor fee For tag stitch and certificate                     = RS  54,000

Project Co-Ordinator salary RS 9,000 x 12                                   =  RS 1,08,000

Project staff salary RS 6,000 x12                                                   = RS  72,000

Project staffs assist Two Wheeler to cover The beneficiaries
around 50 kilometers TVS Scooty women drive model                = RS  58,000

FUEL cost around RS 1000 x 12 months                                       = RS  12,000

Veterinary Doctor periodical visit once a
Month remuneration per visit RS 500 x 12                                    = RS  6,000

One year consumable paddy gross stock Animal dry fodder
stock for one month Consumption paddy dusk bags,
Block gram dust bags                                                                     =RS    36,000

Reporting and Documentation                                                      = RS      5,000

                                                                                                                 ----------------------- -----------------
Total cost of Program Requested from
Milaap, India                                                                               =   RS 14,25,000

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