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                                           ANIMAL PEERS

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Team of ANIMAL PEERS, So far is reaching the cause in following ways : 
1. our teams are feeding around 1000 homeless dogs and cats, everyday.
2. we have rescued around 100 dogs and cats residing at our managed shelter homes.
3. we are sourcing edible food supplies from more than 100 households and 20 restaurant operators, which are used to address animal food insecurities. our teams are actively scouting for sources

Funds raised would be used for following operations :    
1. sourcing food products to feed the dogs and cats, 90 percentage of funds raised would go in this assignment
2. cost of operations, 10 percentage of funds raised would go in this assignment

Speech And Journey .....
Capable are accountable for the helpless and incapable, This is true for animals as well as all aspects of human life. if capable do not commit to help incapable then helpless are bound to get wounded and suffer. we held ourselves accountable and asked peers and friends to understand this accountability and started this journey to raise funds and resources and expertise and volunteers to address
animal food insecurities in the city of Aurangabad.

We need to start somewhere as a community together and identify with their problems and give them little enough attention so they do not suffer the wounds of our ignorance and lack of attention. We need to accept the responsibility so that incapable can depend on us.

Animal food insecurity is a fundamental issue that everyone is capable to relate. We have around 50000 to 100000 stray animals including dogs and cats in Aurangabad. All of them are struggling for food and water and have their own ecosystem of problems which needs our attention.

We chose to address hunger and food insecurity of animals as it is easier for people to identify with this issue and people can come together in order to address this issue. an attentive community can address all sorts of problems and enable all required operations and hence this is more about people coming together and giving attention to these homeless animals. Hunger is the reason we are using to organize such a community willing to identify and address problems of homeless animals.

We ask people to join hands and come together and make sure we feed all stray animals in the city of Aurangabad.

Meanwhile we are setting up teams in few more cities to establish resources and logistics to feed the homeless animals.  

Rs.200 raised

Goal: Rs.3,000,000

Beneficiary: Sumit Kulkarni info_outline

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