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Help for Treatment and Rented House to Save my Mentally ill Mother
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During our past 6 years life in poverty - I couldn't continue my studies, house owner snatched away all our households, we couldn't give proper treatment to my younger sister and she died - and now my mother is struggling with schizophrenia - a serious mental disorder that often makes it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is not real! Her abnormal mental health and no income in frequent covid lockdowns has made our homeless life very painful and difficult now.

My mother's mental illness schizophrenia is getting worse day after day because of our life on footpath where few people often make mockery of her mental health. She is on medication but after every 10-15 days new symptoms are developing. Recently she started believing that my dead sister is still alive and hospital staff have kidnapped and kept her in custody! We are now having sleepless nights watching her and worrying that one day she may land at hospital premises where my sister died and can do a big drama and fight there and can land in jail.

Her psychiatrist told that early care and treatmentis the key to recover from schizophrenia. Her psychiatrist is constantly warning us to give her a better living environment otherwise her condition will become very critical and may be irreversible too. Kindly help me to save my mother's mental health. I have already lost my younger sister.

It's really very hard to handle and manage my schizophrenic mother by living on footpath and other public places so that her behaviour doesn't become a problem for other people.

Kindly help me to have a house on rent, few basic households and some money in hand so that we can give her a peaceful living environment and better treatment to improve her mental health. My father tried hard to rebuild our life but he was unsuccessful due to very small daily wage earning and no income at all in frequent and long covid lockdowns.

Our Struggle in Detail

My father is a graduate but couldn't find a good job due to mild mental illness OCD (Obcessive Compulsive Disorder). He came to Bangalore to search a good job in year 2000 but didn't find because of above mentioned illness. Anyhow, he managed to feed us by doing low quality freelancer marketing jobs. In year 2015 we couldn't pay our house rent for 3 consecutive months and our merciless house ownner locked our room and snatched away all our households and kitchenwares.

With no money in hand, we then became homeless family and me and my sister couldn't continue our studies. We left Bangalore and moved to Telangana to avoid our family feeling bad because our friends started making mockery of our situation.

In Telangana we were living on footpath and were able to manage our daily needs anyhow. But on 25 august 2019 my younger sister Sanya singh died due to lack of proper medical treatment. We had no money for her funeral and with deep regret, we donated her body to MGM hospital Warangal.

After my sister's death, my mother developed a serious mental disorder "PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA". She has lost all interest in life, often talks to and shouts at someone we don't see, talks and believes nonsense, doubts people around her and is occassionally violent. She also believes that some people who actually died long back are still alive. Just imagine it's how painful to handle and manage her by living on footpath with so many people around us laughing and making mockery!

I'm 20 years old but can't go to work because I always need to stay with her to handle and care her otherwise her abnormal behaviour may become a problem for other people. I'm improving english and learning whatever I can do online using my mobile while staying with her. Her mental wellness is my highest priority at the moment and my next step to build my career will be taken once we move in a rented house.

Now my father's earning was not able to manage the family in costly city Hyderabad. Therefore we decided to leave Telangana and return to our native state UP in march 2020.

We came to Kanpur on 20 march 2020 and again we were unlucky. After 2-3 days, 3 months long corona lockdown was imposed and we lost all money and sold almost everything for food and other essentials.

Now my father does a shop-to-shop freelancer marketing type work. But unluckily, last month Corona spread again in Kanpur. Again our earning was affected because most of the top markets in Kanpur went on voluntary lockdown to save them from corona. We had now no option left but to move a nearby city where corona spread is less. Therefore we moved to Agra on 10th April 2021 and we are here now.

Because my mother is now severely mentally ill, it's very difficult and painful to live on footpath and other public places as her behaviour may disturb others. Due to too many covid restrictions police is now not allowing to live on railway stations and other govt premises. My father is a freelancer daily wage earner and now he has no money and nothing else left to take a house on rent and few households and kitchenwares.

In Agra also frequent lockdown has created a tough situation. We have lost everything and now our life is in deep trouble. Please help us to save my mother's mental health and build my career.

Thanks in advance with lots respect to you.

Please keep my mum in your prayers!

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