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                     Distances- Are they good?
In this selfish world, everyone has been so much self-centered, giving no attention to the needs of the unspoken.
In the tough time of pandemic not only humans, but animals are also suffering.
How many of us do think about that dog or cow or any other animal, who was dependent on the thrown food or wastages of restaurants or was being fed by some office employee or was just wandering on the street thinking that someone will feed him.
How many of us think that what that animal will be going through now?
At the end of the day, you need to get your piece of bread. But are they not our duty in this tough time? Why we have distant ourselves so much from our humanity?
Deep down we all know that these distances are not good…
Going out on roads by yourself for now won’t get the work done. Instead, these distances are needed to be reduced by unity.
Many people are out there helping these starving children of earth, all we need to do is to get connected with them and do our bit.
We all know that such thing needs a great will, government permission and very importantly a financial support.
I request you all to help me the least you can do. If you’re not in a condition to help with money then sharing this message to the ones who can join hands in this fruitful job of humanity, will be of great help.
My goal here is to go out on road with my team and feed the needs of needy animals, let it be food, water, shelters or any physical/medical help.
Building a shelter for all of them or getting all of them shifted to some shelter as of now is a difficult task and in my thought it’s neither a good idea to get them out of their freedom except those who really needs instant attention.
Helping them where they belong to is what we should do for normal cases.
Definitely this help will pay off in form of immense pleasure and satisfaction of giving someone a better and loved life.
The difference between death and salvation is:                                when you’re out of breath but desires are left AND when desires are fulfilled and breathes are remaining. Doing this great job if not bring you salvation, then will definitely get you closer to it.
I Anshul Pareek, am connected with Nitesh Pareek.
She is connected to the emotions of dogs and I have felt it deeply. Wherever you go your passion, emotions stay with you, so is the case with her. Helping the unspoken needs of poor animals is what she really loves to do. She has been doing so much all alone. In past she has got some help from her friends and family too but we all know that to do great you need great support too, let it be mentally or financially.
The love for animals built in her after having 5-6 pet dogs at her home and spending time with them. When you see the difference between a street dog that you brought at your home and in the one that was not picked up by anyone due to lack of humanity, makes you feel disastrous inside your head. There are many dogs who have got a beautiful and loved life with her help but alone she can’t help everyone. A story of a dog, his name is veer (seeing his strongness and the will to survive) was picked up by her from the road. You can see in the image his condition at that time, he really needed someone at that time but most of us ignore such scenes daily. He has recovered now and living with her at her home. She needs our help to reach out to every such dog that she encounters. I request you all to raise a fund of as much as we can do together and rest assured it’ll be for a good cause. And also, if possible, try to feed those animals who are in your neighborhoods. Everything that we spend through the raised fund will be getting posted on social media, so not to be worried about any sort of misuse of your money.
We welcome you all with any sort of suggestions through social media.
Use the hashtag #feed_the_needy to get this mission spread, and also use it when you pay us.

 Nitesh Pareek: 7073524798
 Anshul Pareek: 8005976739/8107080733

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