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I don’t know where to begin. I’ve been working for the welfare of animals since I was fifteen. It melts my heart to see my dogs waiting for me every evening with their tails wagging, knowing that there’s a car full of food coming, and that they’ll be okay. For the past month, the funds have been extremely slow, and the rescues have increased. I never thought there’d be a time where I would have to stop and think twice before helping an animal in need, but here we are. This effort is based completely on funds and donations, and without your help, we will not be able to continue. It pains me to say this, I don’t even have enough funds to buy the next bag of dog food to feed my dogs. Once this bag ends, I don’t know how the car that makes all these hearts happy every evening and fills their tummies will be able to continue. I don’t know if I’ll be able to help little babies like snoopy, bolt, Bhuru and Mowgli (hit and runs) or babies like Rani and mini (distemper) or babies like max ( abandoned)

These are pictures of Rani and Mini, the mother daughter duo fighting distemper at the bageera foundation. Mini, the big dog, fought the virus, and was released back to her location after a month,
rani is still at the bageera foundation fighting her illness.
Mini is the mother, and Rani is the daughter, their treatment together has cost us INR 30,000. It’s not just that, Mini had six other kids. Four of them died due to this deadly disease. Distemper took them away from us. One of them lost her fight to parvo-virus.
Canine distemper is a contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems of puppies and dogs.

Parvo is an infectious DNA virus that commonly causes severe illness in young and unvaccinated dogs.
It primarily affects the rapidly dividing cells of the body, meaning that the intestinal tract and bone marrow are the worst affected.
Parvo and distemper CPR tests alone cost 2500 rupees, and we got them done for 6 dogs. While the bills of the ones that have moved on were paid by us (2500 every week per puppy) the ones that are still fighting need your help, because it’s just not possible to pay for their treatment any longer.

Mini’s only other kid, except Rani, is Mowgli. Day before yesterday, a car ran over him. With no fault of his, a small four month old puppy had to go through so much, first he lost his family, next he was separated from his mother, and now a car ran over his leg.

Though Mowgli’s leg isn’t broken, his bone has swollen, and he needs his bandages changed every day. If that doesn’t work out, his leg will be investigated further. His bandages alone cost 300 rupees, every time. If we move for an x-ray and further investigation, the cost would rise up to at least INR 5000. When I took Mowgli to the vet yesterday, the first question I was asked was, can you pay for his treatment? And the worst was, that I really couldn’t.

This is snoopy. The first picture is when I found him. Someone had dropped this little puppy in the middle of a busy road. He was barely 25 days old. I took him home for the night, and the next day I was out hunting for his family.  It took me 6 hours to search all nearby localities, but after all the effort, I was able to find snoopy’s family. Ever since that day, I started feeding snoopy and his siblings, along with their mother, and till today I do, without fail. A car ran over snoopy last week, and his hip joint broke. If not cured right now, he would have to be amputated in the future. This small puppy is in so much pain and requires a surgery asap. I haven’t got his surgery done yet because I can’t pay for it. I wouldn’t wait for mili second, if it were humanely possible to help him without the finances but it just isn’t. Snoopy’s surgery requires INR 20,000 and his post operative care at happy pooches boarding requires INR 10,500. I don’t want fo delay, I don’t want my child to be in pain, but without support, how does it work

This is Jack. He’s been with me for four years. He’s developed a huge tumour on his back for which he would have to undergo surgery and post operative care for 15 days.  

This is whiskey. He was abandoned by his previous family. They left him tied to a tree without food and water. He’s had two violent instances during his foster, one towards another pet dog and one towards a human. Does that mean I give up on him? But how? He’s so loving. He’s so sweet. I didn’t. He’s at canine conditioning for his behavioural training for a month. That’s INR 30,000 excluding his own medical bills.

this is brownie, he's got a major skin disease, mange. 

This is how snoopy’s mom Lily looked the day that I found her. She was lifeless, barely moving
Today, this is her with her kids. They wait for me every single day to come with food. They run towards the car the second they see it. I don’t want to go and disappoint my kids. I don’t want their hungry tummies empty. 

this is Oreo, he's got no parents, and no siblings. he lives under a flyover, right next to the main road. he doesn't know what the road is like. he doesn't know how dangerous cars can be. i can't tell him. what I can do is fill his belly once a day, vaccinate him and give him lots of love. 

this is phoebe, a car ran over her leg and she has four fractures in her front paws. 

she has fought acute renal failure along with tick fever and anaemia within a span of one month. 
currently she's very critical and is fighting canine distemper. 
her treatment has cost over INR 45,000. 

this is Asha. she has partial nerve paralysis in her right front leg. she's being amputated for the same. 
her amputation and post operative care will cost INR 10,000
If you’ve read till here, let me remind you, this is an individual effort, by an eighteen year old, and without your help, it won’t be able to continue. 

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