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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Stray Animals

    from Patna, Bihar

Aim to Benefit 36000+ stray pets and animals a year!

After benefitting more than 2500+stray dogs and 500cows in the past 3 months by our individual efforts, 
We now aim to achieve aid and food support to 33000+ stray dogs, cows and other animals by the end of this year with your support! 

To most of us, animals don't matter because they can not contribute or earn money.
For the past 6 months I have been feeding such stray animals as an individual initiative to prove how equally important are these animals without home to us!

I would like to start from here breaking barrier the importance of wild animals does not depend on how much they can produce for us. They are important because they all even each other out into a balanced and effective ecosystem, along with abiotic factors.

Community Animals who gets beaten for doing nothing. We do not kick human because they can speak, but animals in the street are the ones who are the ones who deserve protection and home as well when they are sick, injured and homeless. Animals who are tortured by we human and we have lost humanity. Animals have selfless love and they are unpaid workers. Much Honest then your nearby chowkidar who sleeps whole night unless the dog barks he doesn't get up.

These animals existence is measured by the Indian Constitution and in fact, by Uttarakhand, Orissa and Punjab and Haryana High Court they are declared as citizens, rights reserved equal to Human Rights.

There are many activists for animals who are doing their bit and probably only ones who are active and honest with their feelings towards their cause. In fact, every person is compassionate about animals but they fail to understand their importance on this earth.

Every creature who is creating of god has come for a purpose and further government granted their existence under the purview of the law.

Food or feeding volunteers are needed to connect as a Human Parents to these animals who will remain like a 5-year-old child who will not be able to feed himself and upon seeking a piece of bite they get kicked, their cry at night may be due to hunger and pain is treated as a bad reason.

We aim to feed atleast 100 such stray animals everyday in Patna -Bihar,India making it 3000 pets every month and 36,000 pets every year and we can do even more if we have your generous support!

The entire amount is a calculation for 6 months Cost and seeking grants to have this cause restore faith in humanity, below is the bifurcation:

Per stray dog: Rs 30(130grams) 
Dog food and biscuit cost: 2500 per kg
In the next 180 days we aim to provide aid to 25020 stray dogs
Cost: 25020*30= Rs 7,50,600

Per cow ( Cattle feed): Rs54(1kg)
In the next 180 days we aim to provide aid to 7,880 stray cows
Cost: 7880*54= Rs, 4,27,736
Miscellaneous Cost= Rs 3700
 (feeder, bowls and plates) :

Total Cost to be incurred = Rs 11,80,000

The entire amount will be transferred to FURR-GET ME NOT an initiative run by Arnav Bikram Shah. 

We need your support to achieve our goal!
Even a small amount will matter a lot, Good Luck and Great wishes

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