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Save 20,000 Cows :Saving Gau mata is our Social Responsibility !

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Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre is among India's largest cow Shelter for Stray and Old age Cows. This cow rehabilitation center was set up by Government of Rajasthan in 2004 and now run by Sri Krishna Balram Seva Trust (A Non Profit NGO) under the aegis of Akshay Patra Foundation, Jaipur.
“Cow Rehabilitation Center, Hingonia”

Why this Cause??
“Because we care for cows” you too can earn blessings of holy mother Cow by donation for the rehabilitation of them.
Although you are free to donate as much as you want but still we insist you to support this cause as per considering below mentioned daily required Items for rehabilitation and good life of Gau Mata.
Daily Requirements for 20,000 Old Age and Sick Cows.
1. 60 Ton Green Fodder  which costs about Rs.1.25 Lacs per day
2. 80 Ton Dry Fodder s which costs about Rs. 2.5 Lac per day  
3. 25 Ton Cattle Feed for Balanced Diet Which cost about 2.5 Lacs Per day. 
4. 500 Unskilled / Semi Silled Manpower for cleaning of shelters which costs
    about 2 Lacs per day.
5. 50 Skilled Manpower requirement which costs about 0.50 Lac per day.
6. Security costs about 20 K per day.

Where these innocent stray cows come from?
Progress of cities and use of modern mechanical machinery, like tractors and other equipment in agriculture, reduced the importance of local cattle. Giving more importance to the production of milk and economic development, foreign breed cattle or hybrid ones produce more milk while compared to the local breed of cattle. Slowly people began to abandon local breed of weak and diseased cattle into the streets.

These abandoned cattle grew more and more in number, which began creating disturbance both to society and to themselves, especially in traffic management. Some cows are injured in the accidents, and a lot of other cows and oxen feed themselves by garbage containing polythene matter, cloth, paper, and also metal items, due to which these helpless cows and bulls often meet with an untimely death.
With a motto to provide protection and shelter to these kinds of abandoned cattle, Jaipur Nagar Nigam(JMC) established a Cattle Rehabilitation center in Hingonia village located on Agra road, with a land of 800 Acres. It was inaugurated in 1st October 2004 by Minister Shri Pratap Singh Siighvi Ji and Mayor Shrimati Sheel Dabhai.

The Center which initially started with 65 cattle started growing as many more cattle were brought here for rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Center came to limelight internationally during Aug-2016 monsoon season.
Thousands of cattle reportedly died because of many reasons. National and international media termed it as the utter failure of management and the Govt was criticized heavily for the failure to maintain the center properly.

Then the Rajasthan Government decided to hand over the management to some voluntary organization for whom the cow protection (Go-Seva) is the prime motto and Hare Krishna Movement, an affiliated organization of The Akshaya Patra Foundation came forward for this noble service towards innocent cattle and an agreement was entered on 1st October 2016 for the day to day management of the center. Presently (as on Feb-2019) more than 20000 cattle are given shelter and are being maintained by Sri Krishna Balram Seva Trust with the support of Rajasthan Gov. and Jaipur Municipal Corporation.
The project of this Cattle Rehabilitation Center was developed in phases as per the requirement. The center has started ambulance facility in Jaipur city, with toll-free number 1962, to provide help to the helpless cattle injured in the traffic accidents, cattle suffering from other serious diseases or any other abandoned cattle. The treatment and rehabilitation of these cattle are constantly being done in the cattle rehabilitation center. Presently about 3000 liters of milk is being extracted from 500 cows and progress is expected from the calves in the future. To keep up proper health condition of all cattle categorization is done according to their gender, breed and health condition.
Green fodder, commonly used cattle food is also being produced in the cattle rehabilitation center in an area of 40 Acres. In this land, various types of food necessary for a proper feed of cattle is cultivated, in which modern agriculture and multi-cut machines are also used.

Animal hospital present in a cattle rehabilitation center is developed by Nagar Nigam of Jaipur, in which rumenotomy operations are successfully done. Organ transplantation is also done when necessary which will be very beneficial in the future with further development in technology.
The dry wheat husk is given to the cattle in required quantity and presently about 55 Metric Tons of dry husk is fed to the cattle every day. A special diet of nutritious cattle food is also given on an average of 1.5 kilos per cattle, each day 25 Metric Tons of cattle feed is fed.
For transparent and proper maintenance of the cattle rehabilitation center of Hingonia, 20 CCTV cameras are installed in necessary locations.

Supervision of laborers is also done by supervisors in each cattle shed round the clock. A separate team has been deployed for the night surveillance in the badas.
After the phase-wise development of the Rehabilitation center, presently it has about 800 Bighas of land and about 20000 cattle.

Although you are free to donate as much as you want but still we insist you to support this cause as per below mentioned donation packages to meet our daily goals of provide best Fodder, Clean Water and Shelter to Gau Mata.
Gau Dan Seva: 11000 /-,
Gau Dan Seva: 21000 /- (Milking Cow ),
Green Fodder: 7100 /- per trolly,
Lifetime Seva: 108000/- per Cow.
(exapmted from Income Tax Under 80 G.)
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Rs.24,003 raised

Goal: Rs.10,000,000

19 Days to go

Beneficiary: Sri Krishna Bal... info_outline
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80G tax benefits for INR donations

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