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    Soumya Banerjee

    from Rajagangapur, Odisha


As the world battles viral epidemics, water crisis, global warming, climate change, bush fires and so on, the quest for sustainable solutions bewilders the human mind. The optimum feasible solution lies in moving “Back to the Basics“. I am hereby presenting you this model that isn’t new to mankind and our ancestors are adept to it since time immemorial. As human beings we are not meant to be threatened by an existential crisis, therefore rather than making short term innovative adjustments, we must collectively resolve it through pre-established norms. Kindly help us realise this dream by donating an amount that pleases you or at least spread the word by sharing the message to your family and friends.

The idea is to set up a self-sufficient farm unit in order to demonstrate the principle of “Simple living & High thinking”. The intention is that such units and communities become beacons lights for the society that is moving rapidly towards artificial and destructive lifestyles. Modern civilization with its thrust on maximizing worldly pleasures has simply intensified the struggle for existence.

The question of survival and livelihood has become very complex issues in the present day.  Traditional economy provided for self- sufficiency of varying degrees at various levels from the individual household, through the individual village, up to a cluster of villages and sometimes over larger distances as well. The desire is to revive such model economies in order to curb the nuisances of the present day illusory economics.

At present, the self-sufficiency of social units are fast corroding, making them more and more dependent on the external, unconnected forces and situations. Indeed in this age of globalisation and so called free trade, individuals and social units are becoming enslaved rather than free. In this complex web of artificial inter-dependency and control, events at one place drastically affect the situation and destinies of people in distant places whose perilous implications are visible throughout the world.

The traditional mode of life promoted self-sufficiency at the local level insulating a region from the disturbances in the other regions. It gives each place, each region, each community a unique identity, a unique skill that makes it different and special. Depending on the environment a population consumes whatever it grows and has a unique cuisine, constructs using locally available materials and has unique architectural styles, protects and decorates oneself with fabrics and attire uniquely designed by local weavers and artisans, refined through the ages.

This is a lifestyle awarded to us by default and is constitutionally enshrined in the manual and purpose of human existence. Any amendment to this basic structure or our endeavour to lord it over these natural laws puts us into a miserable state of great difficulties. On the other hand, our obedience to them keeps the population healthy, the society wealthy, protects the youth from the curse of unemployment, rejigs economies from volatile knockouts, revives the environment from fitness blackouts, the outcomes are infinite.

Remember, only a few centuries ago, way before the advent of modern industries, the Indian subcontinent boasted 25% of the worlds GDP and contained in itself an equal percentage of the world population. There were no beggars or homeless. The culture within the society was strong enough to prevent such calamities. India achieved this primarily as a result of being self sufficient in agriculture and being self reliant in meeting all the necessary demands of the enormous population. Population has never been the cause of joblessness or scarcity, it all depends in the skill to favourably engage the population and only a sustainable economy has the potency to absorb it.

Thus the underlying principle of “consume what you produce and produce what you need” allows a man an Honorable measure of control over his life and destiny. It nurtures and facilitates the spirit of Co-operation rather than Competition, of Hard work rather than Indolence, of Sensitivity to one’s environment, humane rather than Callousness, of Sharing & Giving rather than Grabbing, of the Refinement & Upliftment of the human spirit rather than it’s Degradation. The benefits are numerous, whereas these days everyone tries to possess more and more but still remain dissatisfied and unhappy.

With the traditional village fast disappearing, there is a crying need for self-sufficient villages that can serve as role models to inspire a faithless population that is much allured and captivated by the glitter and glamour of modern technology & lifestyles. As a farm unit, we do not plan to develop a competitive farming enterprise for making money. The basic principle is to become independent of artificial city life as mere technological advancement is certainly not going to make us happy or satisfied. Having neglected this policy for generations, the ecosystem stands on the verge of disrepair and thus we must get our basics right before its late.

Cultivation of only heirloom breeds.
Usage of only tradition methods and farm practices (No chemicals),
Soil and Water Conservation,
Restricting heavy machinery like tractors, tillers and so on,
Propagation of indigenous cattle breeds, and much more  . . . .

At present the project is merely an idea and the concept of developing a self-sufficient farm unit awaits funding from merciful donors who would like to see it succeed. The prime need is of LAND and because of the incapability of purchasing the measure of land that is required, the idea of crowdfunding came in.

A property measuring  4 acres has been selected and developing this design is an imminent need for the social well-being. Having spent a couple of years searching for an adequate farm land and being battered at the hands of real estate agents, we finally came across a case with a clear title and had it thoroughly scrutinised by reliable sources.

As an individual, I have spent 12 years serving a farm project that helped me gain sufficient exposure to the dos and the don’ts. I am a certified master potter from KVIC, skilled in construction of adobe structures, with a brief stint in weaving on hand-looms and bee keeping. Due to personal reasons, I reached back to my home state Odisha where I desire to begin this project and propagate the ideals of “simple living and high thinking”.

I do have some savings, that will help me develop this brain child but the soaring real estate price and the complimenting laws protecting ST & SC lands didn’t allow me to own a land yet. Hence I expect this fundraiser to help me materialise this idea into a reality. I would need at least INR 24 lakhs to purchase and execute the intended plan I have mentioned in this draft, hence this S.O.S.

As the years go by and the project exemplifies & develops expertise in various fields, the aim is to reach out to the villages in the region and beyond to attempt a holistic, total transformation. We desire to incorporate various methods of natural farming like fukuoka & permaculture and host volunteers and training camps for locals and the youth in aspects of organic farming, ethno vet, sustainable adobe constructions and much more so as to encourage them to associate with mother earth. We desire to dedicate an acre of the total area in raising nurseries of food forests and maintain a repository of heirloom breeds that are fast disappearing.

The needs will be met by following as an ideal & yet profound articulation of the principle: “Use only what you can produce &  Produce only what you need ”.

Funding requirement :
  •  Land Purchase 4 acres (4 lakh/acre)               - 16 lakh
  •  Fencing                                                                -   3 lakh  approx. 
  •  Excavation of Rainwater harvest pond          -   1 lakh  approx.
  •  Plantation materials and farm implements  -   1 Lakh approx.
  •  Rammed earth cottage, gaushala shed &     -   3 lakhs approx                  storage area .
Note : Watering the root will ensure the well being of the entire tree. By nourishing the root of the tree, the various parts and parcels depending on it automatically flourishes without the need for caring for them separately. Similarly if this root cause is served, it has the potency to bring about a total and holistic transformation of the society and its various constituents and as human beings the onus now rests on our shoulders.

In order to keep this presentation short but meaningful, I have presented before you only a glimpse of the many aspects of the project, For those of you having any queries, may mail me at Vrndaaranyam@gmail.com or meet me on facebook @ Vrndaa Aranyam

Thank you.

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