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Support the All Indian Team Going for MARS Simulation
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                                   Be part of our journey to Mars on Earth.
15th August 2018 was a remarkable day for every Indian astronaut aspirant when it was announced that India will take a step towards human spaceflight missions. Our Crew 204 is made up of all Indians to support this initiation and encourages others to take a step towards transforming their dreams for space travel into reality. India will be celebrating it’s 70th Republic Day on the 26th January 2019, which is coincidentally the start date of our Mission.
All-Indian crew set to experience Mars The Times of India Article - 28th Nov, 2018.

                                                  Our budget and expenses.
We have a total expense of $16,640 for 7 crew members that include:
  •      Travel to Utah 750 x 7 = $5250
  •      Fees for MDRS: 1000 x 7 = $7000
  •      Mission Expenses (Suits, Patches, Flags etc): $770
  •     Research project materials, equipment & logistics (including courier charges) : $2500
  •      US VISA Application cost $160 x7 = $1120
The expense we try to cover from crowdfunding is $6370, that include:
  •      $1350 (25% of Travel)
  •      $1750 (25% Of MDRS fees)
  •      $770 (Mission expense) 
  •      $2500 (Projects equipment such as 3D printing equipment, components of mother rover, Mars regolith, Nutrients, Carbon, Chemicals, BCI 200 kit with electrodes, microphone, and many more with the overall Shipping cost to Utah from different locations in the world)

              NIX-OLYMPICA, MDRS CREW-204 presents “Journey to Mars”

“The journey seems mesmerizing! Indeed, it is, exploring the unexplored either sets you apart or gives you the courage to re-initiate things when you fail miserably. But this beautiful journey will be lonely without you. The world which is shifting apart by the human forces can be united with the same determination and vigour. There is no space for I or you, it’s always us and if we decide to grow together, no matter how many times we fail, we still rise together. Let’s take a step towards our dream and spread the concept of “Space for All” Because nature hasn’t played on the cards of discrimination, so why should we? At the end of the day, everybody needs a family to share their emotions, we request you to be a part of our small family.”

Why Mars?
We are on a mission to expand the existence of human race beyond the earth's gravity. Since Mars is a perfect outpost with natural resources but, it will be required to build the infrastructure with technological advancement that can transform Mars into a habitable planet. To address the complex array of challenges associated with sustainability; a team building strategy is expected with an interdisciplinary approach that is feasible, and culturally desirable. Not just technology or science; for a successful journey, it is also our responsibility to develop the knowledge and spread across the society. This effort will encourage and inspire the young generations to contribute for the future space exploration and settlements.

What is MDRS?
The place seems ‘MARS on Earth’ for every astronaut aspirant. The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS; a Non-profit organization 501 c.3), is a full-scale analog simulation and training facility in Utah owned and operated by the Mars Society that supports Earth-based research in pursuit of the technology, operations, and science required for human space exploration. The relative isolation of the facility allows for rigorous field studies as well as human factors research. Most crews carry out their mission under the constraints of a simulated Mars mission. Most missions are 2-3 weeks in duration, although some longer duration missions are supported as well. The advantage of MDRS over most facilities for simulated space missions is that the campus is surrounded by a landscape that is an actual geologic Mars analog, which offers opportunities for rigorous field studies as they would be conducted during an actual space mission. 

Who we are?
The Crew 204 (Jan 26th-Feb 10th 2019) is a group of astronaut aspirants committed towards contributing for ongoing research that are conducted under isolation during MDRS missions. The goal is to develop a platform and understand the necessity of performing scientific and technical experiments under isolation. We have realized how important it is to expand the boundary of exploration with an intercultural and interdisciplinary aspect. Your contribution will allow us to outline and establish a framework to continue our collaborative research experiments while pursuing activities with adventures which will also attract everyone to uncover the fear factors formed within. This inquisitiveness to encounter a thrilling environment would be possible to find at Mars Desert Research Station. 

Learn more about Our Crew here.

Why Fund US?

Opportunity to participate in Human research programme.

It is an incredible opportunity for Crew 204 at MDRS to participate in the human research program conducted by Fatigue Countermeasures Laboratory of NASA Ames Research Centre, Sczepaniak Health and Medical Enterprises (SHME) & University of California, San Diego. We hope the data collected from this study will help them to improve crew performance to survive on Mars. Know more about our supporters here .

Our objectives are,  

➤ “Space For ALL”: Raising of awareness in the society about Mars exploration and its benefits.
Our main goal is to promote “Space for all” with a motive to educate our society and spread awareness for space among the genders of all ages. Besides our individual research and experiments, our aim is to involve everyone who is interested to explore various areas of space research with an attempt to show the preparation of an astronaut from a very early stage towards the final journey. We aim to focus that space is not just for a specific group of people but, it is for everyone including researchers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and every individual who dreams to be there!  

➤Understanding the science behind Agriculture for Mars.
We aim to develop various compositions of Mars Regolith simulant and nutrients to grow seeds under a controlled atmosphere. This will help us to understand the capacity of utilizing a system and producing natural food in an isolated environment with limited resources.

➤Overcoming the challenges behind internationality in isolation;
During this mission, we will perform studies related to various Human factors, psychology and the effect of isolation. This will help us to understand various challenges for an international crew from an intercultural perspective.

➤Planning, Design and develop technical and scientific projects with a motivation to encourage the society through outreach activities.

Our projects include: 
Our budget and expenditure:

Here’s our special way to thank you all:

We appreciate your contribution towards making our mission successful. So, to thank you for your contribution we have a special souvenirs for you: 

What we will do after this mission:

➤We have started this journey with a long-term research goal and establish a base with a proper foundation which will continue supporting future MDRS missions. We will continue developing our experiments and perform extensive level of research that will also prepare us to share the results through scientific publications.

➤We strongly believe this foundation will bring more opportunities to interact with space enthusiasts from various locations around the world with further collaborative research and professional networking opportunities.

➤We will continue updating our websites with the most recent progress. We will also interact with the aspiring young minds more closely through the outreach activities, conference calls, science projects and encourage them to join us on this journey with an initiative to live the dreams and help us to spread the message of “Space for All”. We appreciate and thank you for your time going through our story.

*We highly encourage you to join our journey and be a part of our mission.  All donors will be acknowledged on our Web and social networking sites. The names will also be published in a separate page along with the pictures of our experiments during the mission. Learn more about our previous accomplishments at
Sonal Baberwal is a part of our crew.

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