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Hi, please take a minute to read this post. By means of this fundraiser, I intend to improve the lives of animals. I come from a small, slowly developing town in India, Jabalpur. It's a beautiful little city with a huge population of street animals, especially dogs. Since I was a child, I've spent a lot of time feeding these creatures. As of this year, we have 5 dogs living in our house and 8 other street dogs in our colony that we nurture and feed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the environmental conditions in our city are not favorable for them to survive. More than 56% of the street dogs, die within a span of 1-2 weeks after they are born due to various reasons. Naturally, we cannot change all the factors affecting their death, but we can provide them with the treatment that can save their life. If the animals are diagnosed at an early stage, deaths can be prevented. It is honestly very sad when you love someone so much and they don't survive. What hits me the most is the fact that I don't even know the cause of them not surviving. Considering the initiatives people are taking nowadays, I believe the situation will improve sooner or later.

On November 7th, 2019, our beloved dog Lyana passed away. She was diagnosed with Pyometra (Infection in the Uterus). My parents back in India decided to take her to the dog house and get her operated as she wasn't tamed and was getting critical. The doctors performed the operation and she was good for 3 days. After the antibiotics stopped, she developed Sepsis which is a common after effect of Pyometra. They took her to the veterinary hospital where she wasn’t given the necessary attention. Before performing sonography, they shaved her with a blade (not even a proper trimmer or a razor) without even wearing gloves. A student who was being trained there was using her as a specimen to learn how to operate on dogs. After a lot of hustle and bustle, sonography was performed after 5 hours of waiting. After all of that was done, they gave her the IV fluids. Even after all our efforts, she passed later that night due to kidney failure.

Before my parents took her to the vet, they knew how complex this process is. They lost an entire day of work just waiting at the government hospital and juggling with the formalities and unorganized behavior of the staff there. While waiting there, my parents tried to ask them the reason why they are delaying the sonography and the response of the staff was "The doctor is currently not in a good mood and so you guys have to wait". Lives of these animals depend on the mood of the doctor. Because, the private clinics in our town don't have a sonography machine, we are left with no option but to check-in at the government centre. I am wondering, how many people would be losing their motivation to help these animals who can't speak and often go through the worst phase for days before they pass away. And how many animals have to go through all this what my dog went through just because they don't have a private hospital to go for the check-up.

With this money raised, I want to have a sonography machine installed at one of the private clinics in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. The lead doctor here is an activist and helps hundreds of street animals every year. At his private clinic, sonography will be performed at an incredibly nominal cost.  This will give people not only from my city but also from nearby villages access to better and more organized healthcare since my city is the only one with vets for a large area. This machine costs $5,300.

Even though this is a small initiative for a very big and serious issue, I believe it will have an effect. A good cause deserves a helping hand! Thank you. :)

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