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Support Sheikh and the Barmer community to make Hili bedspreads


Sheikh Jalaluddin, from the Barmer weaver community, is a resident of Naugaon Sadat in the district of Bijnore. This community is renowned for their block prints. These block prints are famous for their texture and clarity. They are also completely azo-free. The Barmer community also weaves “hili” bedspreads on a cycle wheel, keeping a long tradition of handicraft alive.

Ranmir Foundation is collaborating with Jalaluddin and the others from the Barmer community to roll out a line of more than thirty hand block printed and more than twenty five double-sided “hili” bedspreads in ten sets. This means they will be making five hundred and fifty bedspreads in total. Around twenty weavers and block printers will be working on this project over the course of three months. With a loan from Milaap, Jalaluddin and the others can meet their working capital of 4 lakhs.

Rs.11,399 raised

Goal: Rs.2,500,000

Supporters (4)

Tarsadia Foundation lent Rs.700

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HArdik lent Rs.700
Tarsadia Foundation lent US $79.36

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Ishan lent US $79.36

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