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Hello, I am Shailesh (Chosen name will be Shalini after surgery) My pronouns are She/They. I am a trans person living in male body and I want to transition to fit into my right female body.

When I was young, I used to ask my father if I can become a girl, and foolishly he would tell me, by morning I will change into a girl. Time and again I have waited for that moment to come, but it never arrived.

You might have heard stories of every trans person trapped in wrong body that how they used to dress up like a girl and follow every ritual a girl may follow. In my case nothing was different, I was a living example and a complete replication of a girl.

I have always enjoy putting mehendi on my hand, carrying a purse with me always, imagining myself wearing a saree and whatnot!

As time went by, I grew older and my wishes become vail, I was told my desires are wrong, my existence is wrong.

I was taken to a psychiatrist back in 2014 and was declared that I have a massive depression, it was true, I was depressed about the fact that I will never get a chance to be with someone I dearly love.

As time passed, I grew and grew and my study and my research to find myself was going on. Government changed and so laws and so my journey.

I was working in a very transphobic, homophobic place- it was a private tuition. 

But now I work in an advertisement company, there, people like me are welcomed, people who are different, yet the part of the community, society, is welcomed.

There, finally, I got my chance to be what I truly am. I was able to express my sexuality openly among my colleagues, I was able to say I am queer, I have GENDER DYSPHORIA and hopefully one day I will be able to change myself.

The process is not an easy one. My body, my lifestyle, my very day is going to change, and for that, I need your help.

I wish to undergo the transition process (I hope you have watched Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui?) 
For that I need to first go through HRT treatment. Which will allow my body to change, get into shape of a body as female.

I am required to visit psychiatrist and do my MMPI and RDR test done for my GID (Gender Identity Dsyphoria certificate)

Once that is done, I will require to visit an endocrinologist to run my blood test and check the level of testosterones present in my body. Accordingly, as my result will come out, I will be prescribed Estrogen meds, preferably I choose to go with Estrogen cream.

My journey doesn't end here, rather it starts here, In every three months I will be required to do my kidney and liver functionality test.

My therapy will go on as it goes now, except that, I will be required to visit my psychiatrist and endo every month, or once in a while for my improvement.

With this, I need to get LASER HAIR REMOVLE treatment.

I have scars on my face, hence, the money will go there to go through laser treatment to get rids of those scars.

I know if may feels I am talking too much things here, but please understand that to become something that I wish to be, comes with cost, and I am not someone who can afford it. Hence, I also want to bring your attention to my teeth structure. I want to go undergo braces treatment too. And I hope you all know what it costs are?!

Last, but not the least, the main thing- MY SURGERY.
Once I complete my HRT treatment for at least a year, I will have to go through GENDER AFFIRMING SURGERY.

There are different type  of VAGINO PLASTY SURGERY and from them I wish to go through SIGMOID COLON VAGINO PLASTY surgery. It is costly and a invasive surgery.

It costs around between 4 to 5 lacs. And the best doctors are in Delhi I am told.

I stay in Mumbai, to visit Delhi, to go through the surgery process, to stay there and wait there to recover will cost money.

I hope you understand my feelings and I hope you come forward and help me with what you can afford. I hope you contribute what is possible for you, I hope you share my fundraiser.

The details of the cost are as follow-

  1. Psychiatrist visit- 1500x12= 18,000/-
  2. Therapy cost- 1000x12= 12,000/-
  3. Endo cost- 2000x12= 24000/-
  4. Laser hair removal= 30,000/-
  5. Facial laser treatment= Approx- 50,000/-
  6. Gender Affirming clothes= 15 to 30k (if someone can donate clothes it will be great!)
  7. Visit to doctors charges via UBER= 400/- for one way, and 800 for two ways, and I will be needing go to and fro to psychiatrist, therapist, endo and laser treatment clinic, which sums up to approx 50k ( I am willing to share UBER RECEIPTS)
  8. Travelling to Delhi and staying there pre-op and post op= 30,000/- 
  9. Surgery cost= 5,00,000
  10. Post op care= 50,000/-
  11. Braces= approx 50k
  12. Extra Surgery needed (Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation)= 1,00,000/-
  13. Diet and Yoga for safer healthcare= 1,00,000/-
Please treat this important and share or donate, however it is comfortable for you. Thanks!

Shailesh urf Shalini

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