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DR Lake - Donate Recyclables for Lake Restoration Campaign
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Dear DR Lake Restoration Campaign Members!

Thank you for joining with us in our journey towards saving the lakes of the world with the donation of recyclables. As many of you know, DR Lake Restoration Campaign is an initiative as part which UNWTO, Government of India and Government of Telangana State are helping Ravindrajith, reach his goal of executing the tasks of restoring the lakes with the funds raised from the donations of Recyclables.
It all started in 2010 with eureka movement of Ravindrajith (Film Media Trainer and Vaasthu Consultant in Hyderabad-India), who discovered the heart shape and numerological wonders of the Lake Hussain Sagar in India. He brought it into news to add essence to the movement of saving the lake Hussain Sagar, which had been badly polluted then.

Ravindrajith, discovered heart shape and numerological wonders of Lake Hussain Sagar and brought them into local news in 2010. Later his discovery extended to discover Lake Hussain Sagar as the HEART OF THE WORLD in 2011, as it is the largest heart shaped mark, the heritage heart shaped mark and the wonderful heart shaped mark on the face of earth among 78 heart shaped lakes and 15 heart shaped islands of the world.

After his later discovery he made up his mind to help save the Lake Hussain Sagar from pollution and so in 2011 as General Secretary, he founded ITS 6TH WOW, an NGO to act as a catalyst to the local government to execute tasks for the welfare of the then most polluted Lake Hussain Sagar.  
ITS 6TH WOW presented the discovery of HEART OF THE WORLD to UNWTO, and got UNWTO recognition of Lake Hussain Sagar as the HEART OF THE WORLD in 2012.

H.E. Mr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, UNWTO, Madrid-Spain, had inaugurated Campaign of “SAVE THE HEART OF THE WORLD”, in the occasion of the DECISIONS TAKEN BY THE UNWTO COMMISSION FOR EAST ASIA AND PACIFIC AND THE UNWTO COMMISSION FOR SOUTH ASIA AT THEIR TWENTY FIFTH JOINT MEETING, in conjunction with the UNWTO Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development, that held on 13th April, 2013 at Hyderabad-India. This News of UNWTO recognition of the lake as the HEART OF THE WORLD was published in BBC in the same year. UNWTO Recognition of the lake as HEART OF THE WORLD had ceased the events of encroachment of the lake forever.

Upon the invitation of GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) for a special meeting regarding Lake Hussain Sagar, ITS 6TH WOW proposed to form a forum for the lake. After which GHMC had formed “Forum for a clean Hussain Sagar” in 2014 and which turned the restoration of the lake onto a fast mode.

“SAVE THE HEART OF THE WORLD” a campaign of NGO was initiated in 2014 to promote UNWTO’s recognition of the lake as “HEART OF THE WORLD” and to make a call to the public to save the lake.

This campaign was also turned to a superhero short film campaign of “SUPERHEART” in 2015, which encouraged the school going students from the city of Hyderabad to enact as “SUPERHEART”, a superhero who fights with the polluters of the world in addition to the promotion of “SAVE THE HEART OF THE WORLD” campaign. Students were also encouraged to learn the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of United Nations. Many pollution reducing solutions were executed as a result of campaign of SAVE THE HEART OF THE WORLD.

Inauguration of global campaign of “SAVE THE HEART OF THE WORLD” took place in Thailand on the occasion of UNWTO Official Celebrations of World Tourism Day 2016, held on 27th September 2016 in Bangkok-Thailand. The campaign gained UNWTO and other state members’ voice to support the cause of saving the lake Hussain Sagar of Hyderabad-India.
In 2017 the NGO proposed to UNWTO to form an observance day for lakes as WORLD LAKE DAY on the 22nd December of every year as it is the winter solstice that marked the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun, which is the main source for a lake health. Proposal was very well accepted and supported by H.E. Mr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, UNWTO, Madrid-Spain. On the occasion of World Tourism Day that was held on 27th September 2017 at Doha-Qatar, His Excellency has extended his support by sharing his voice towards calling the nations of the world to celebrate World Lake Day and recommending UNEP and UN-Water to take forward the necessary actions in favour of World Lake Day observance.

ITS 6TH WOW’s brochure for WORLD LAKE DAY was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General, UNWTO, Madrid-Spain, on the occasion of UNWTO Official Celebrations of World Tourism Day 2018 at Budapest-Hungary. Global tour for the WORLD LAKE DAY campaign was held around Hungary, Italy, Austria, France and United Kingdom in 2018.

WORLD LAKE DAY campaign global tour made ITS 6TH WOW to explore global lake issues and innovative solutions that were practiced in different countries of the world to save the lakes. Ravindrajith turned to be a world lake activist after the completion of world lake day global tour.  

Hyderabad City of Lakes: 

Once upon a time, Hyderabad was known as City of Lakes. Some of these lakes are natural and various are manmade bodies. As per various sources only a few decades back, Hyderabad had a large number of water bodies such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, aquaculture ponds, tanks etc. (as per some sources between 3000 and 7000 including natural and manmade bodies. Locally known as cheruvu, kunta, tanks ). Most of these lakes have totally disappeared and the surface area of most of the surviving lakes have shrunken and turned to tiny ponds and cesspool. Some of the lakes which have totally disappeared are Tigal Kunta, Somajiguda Tank, Mir Jumla tank, Pahar Tigal Kunta, Kunta Bhawani Das, Nawab Saheb Kunta, Afzalsagar, Nallakunta, Masab Tank etc.
Hussainsagar Lake, Kunta Mallaiyapalli have shrunk drastically. Out of thousands of water bodies those were existing in 1970s in various sizes in and around Hyderabad, today only about 70 to 500 of them have survived. Most of them have disappeared due to encroachment or have been illegally drained for real estate projects by private or government agencies. The existing lakes have been used to dump garbage and sewage water. Most of these lakes and tanks were built during the regime of Qutub Shah in 16th and 17th century and later by Nizams as a source of drinking water for the residents of Hyderabad. The area of Hussain Sagar, which is the largest lake in Hyderabad shrunk by more than 40% i.e. from 550 ha to 349 ha in just 30 years. This lake was built in 1575 AD and since 1930 is not being used as a source for drinking

Similarly, the area occupied by Shamirpet lake shrunk from 486 ha in 1989 to 256 ha in 2006. In total about 3245 ha of water bodies were lost in 12 years (from 1989 to 2001). As of 2010, 500 lakes were under HMDA jurisdiction. As of May 2018, HMDA maintains record of 169 lakes which occupy an area of more than 10 hectares. Out of this 62 lakes were under the control of government, 25 are owned by private organisations and 82 lakes are under joint government private ownership. As per existing government norms, no construction of any kind,

DR Lake Restoration Campaign:

Adopting the new trends in green technology, Ravindrajith and Shahee Khan (Presley Jackson), President of ITS 6TH WOW, invented their own low cost lake water pollution solution to fight the growth of aquatic weeds in the lake with world’s first “RECYCLED FLOATING TREATMENT WETLAND” (RFTW) which is constructed of recycled plastic water pep bottles with the plantation of hydroponics on it. Hydroponics with roots floating in the lake absorbs the nitrates, phosphates and proteins from the polluted water and hence ceases the growth of aquatic weeds as the wetland controls the pollution level of the lake. Government of Telangana was very happy with invention and extended their support by joining their hands in the installation of the first RFTW in the Lake Kamuni.
Local MLA, Mr. Prakash Goud, installs the 1st Block of RFTW on 21st December 2019, in Kamuni Lake-Hyderabad, on the occasion of the celebrations of World Lake Day, celebrated by ITS 6TH WOW and Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, Government of Telangana State.
DR LAKE RESTORATION (Donate Recyclables for Lake Restoration) campaign was inaugurated by Mrs. Chamundeswari, Municipal Commissioner of Shamshabad Municipality. It is a campaign that works with the motto of “SAVE THE LAKES OF THE WORLD”(SLOW) and executed with the help of GLOBAL LAKES URBAN ENVIRONMENTALISTS (GLUE). 
Campaign’s unique idea is to raise funds from the donations of recyclables from residential and commercial buildings around the lake to execute lake restoration activities of designing, cleaning, desilting, stone pitching, and beautification. The campaign took place in and around the region of Shamshabad which gained huge support from schools, colleges, corporate companies, political leaders and public as well as residential and commercial buildings. Campaign collected large number of recycled plastic water pep bottles from many hotels starting from NOVOTEL AIRPORT HYDERABAD, PARADISE HOTEL & etc.
Technical partnership of Vardhaman Engineering College of Shamshabad, in support of making of raft of recycled plastic water pep bottles, had eased the NGO in the manufacturing of RFTW. Cost of RFT Wetland making is negligible as it is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and by the partnership of engineering students as a socio-engineering project of the respective college.
After DR Lake Restoration Campaign of Lake Kamuni came into force, the dismantling of the encroachments around the lake were executed by Municipal Commissioner in 2020, resulting the lake with low encroachment issues. NGO thanks Mr. Azharuddin, the former Indian cricketer for supporting DR Lake Restoration Campaign of Lake Kamuni.   

Due to the lockdown of COVID19 in 2020, the remaining RFTW blocks installation was postponed from World Water Day 2020 (from 22nd March 2020 to till date). 

In 2021, ITS 6TH WOW is all reset to restart this global movement of SAVE THE LAKES OF THE WORLD (SLOW) with DR Lake Campaign and with the help of Global Lakes Urban Environmentalists (GLUE).

The Larger Dream:

ITS 6TH WOW objective is to show India as a model for other nations to restore lakes of their own with the low cost and innovative solutions. By 2025, the NGO aims to make DR Lake Restoration Campaign a global campaign which could help the UN state members to restore as many lakes as possible.

According to Ravindrajith “Lakes are the eyes of the earth; Let the vision of the earth be restored.”

NGO installs the Recycled Floating Treatment Wetland in Lake Kamuni on the occasion of World Earth Day on 22nd April 2021. 

And this is what we require. The restoration of the Lake Kamuni needs Rs 24 lakh for the following:

Rs. 2 Lakh: Cleaning the surroundings of the lake and removing of debris around the lake.
Rs.  2 Lakh: Sand layer spreading over the garbage littering spot.
Rs. 4 Lakh: Greening the lake bed with variety of plantation.
Rs. 4 Lakh: Inlets and Outlets Modification
Rs. 2 Lakh: Beautification f the lake.
Rs. 0 Lakh: Making of recycled floating treatment wetland raft
Rs. 10 Lakh: Purchase of hydroponic plants for the installation of Recycled Floating Treatment Wetland in the lake.

Join DR Lake Restoration Campaign and help save Hyderabad, donate recyclables for lake restoration.
Funds for what?
  • Restoration of lake
How will you use funds?
  • Cleaning of the lake.
  • Greening of the Lake.
  • Installation of RFTW.
  • Removing aquatic weeds.
  • Beautification of the lake.
Prepared by

Shahee Khan
National Lake Activist
President, ITS 6TH WOW, Hyderabad-India.
Film Media Trainer

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