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News Next Network is an independent voice and digital media platform. News Next Network produces positive news and stories, we analyse national and international affairs, and also do exclusive interviews of the people from all walks of life. Our aim is to build an informed society  and create strong bond among people and communities,

Due to ongoing situation of lockdown, we are going through financial crises; as a result we are unable to pay our editor, cameraman and other staffs. We require immediate financial support to run our channel and continue issues based, fair and independent journalism.
Funds will be used to pay salaries, rent and clear other dues.We also use to buy some equipments and accessories. we will also use this fund to hire few more professionals so that coverage of issues may be broadened.

I request you all to kindly support and extend your financial help to keep us going as well as raising relevant issues with courage and honesty.
You can visit news next network by clicking it.

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